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[팟캐스트] (459) 지방선거 이후 양당이 주의해야 할 것은? / 서울시 인구 950만 명 아래로

By Korea Herald

Published : June 8, 2022 - 09:24

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진행: 박준희, Beth Eunhee Hong

1. [Reporter’s Notebook] 3 consecutive defeats not enough for Democratic Party to get it together

기사 요약: 지방선거가 끝나고 책임론이 불거지는 지금 시점에서 앞으로 양당이 주의해야 할 것은?

[1] In 2017, the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea had high hopes. Taking power after the impeachment of former President Park Geun-hye, some in the party had expressed hopes it would remain the ruling party for at least 20 years.

* Main opposition party: 제1야당
* High hopes: 부푼 희망
* Impeachment: 탄핵

[2] The party got off to a stellar start, dominating the elections that followed. It seemingly had nothing to fear, since the conservative bloc shattered to pieces in the wake of the historical political event.
* Stellar: 화려한, 눈부신, 뛰어난
* Seemingly: 겉보기에는
* Shattered: 산산조각
* In the wake of: ~의 결과로서

[3] The conservatives had suffered humiliation in elections and internal turmoil for years to reach where it is today, and perhaps its journey is what the Democratic Party should take into account in preparing its own itinerary of apologies, reforms and overhauls.
* Humiliation: 굴욕
* Turmoil: 혼란; 소란
* Take into account: ~를 고려하다
* Overhaul: 점검; 정비

[4] The road it must take now will be painful, as many overarching reform measures have been for major political parties before gaining the power to fight shoulder to shoulder in presidential elections.
* Overarching: 상당히 중요한
* Shoulder to shoulder: 어깨를 나란히 하고; 협력하여

기사 원문:

2. Seoul population continues fall to below 9.5m; down to 7.2m by 2050: report

기사 요약: 서울 인구 950만명 아래로, 1천만명 무너진지 6년만

[1] The number of South Koreans living in the capital Seoul is declining sharply, and will continue to drop in the coming decades, according to government data Monday.
* Sharply: 급격히; 뚜렷하게
* To drop: 내려가다, 떨어트리다

[2] Seoul’s total population of native South Koreans reached 9.49 million as of May according to the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, showing an alarming decline.
* Native: 토박이; 출신인 사람
* Alarming: 걱정스러운; 두려운
* Decline: 감소

[3] The recent slide in the city’s native South Korean population was mainly caused by residents moving out of the capital to new towns surrounding Seoul, according to the government-run think tank Seoul Institute.
* Slide: 하락; 미끄러지다
* Residents: 거주자; 주민
* Surrounding: 인근의; 주위의

[4] A recent boost of housing supply in Gyeonggi Province has propelled the outflow of residents from Seoul seeking more affordable and bigger housing, the think tank said. The city’s low fertility rate has also contributed to the slide, it added.
* Boost: 증가
* Propel: 나아가게 하다
* Outflow: 유출; 나감
* Contribute to: ~에 기여하다

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