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[팟캐스트] (455) AI 기술 선점에 나선 네이버와 카카오/ 한식 요리연구가의 끝없는 인내와 물음

By Korea Herald

Published : May 11, 2022 - 09:51

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Gujeolpan, a traditional platter of nine delicacies (Mijeoggamgag) Gujeolpan, a traditional platter of nine delicacies (Mijeoggamgag)
진행자: 김혜연, Naomi Garyan
1. New tech, new war: Naver, Kakao race for AI dominance

기사 요약: 네이버와 카카오가 AI 테크 기술 주도권을 잡으려 앞다투어 경쟁한다.

[1] With digital technology becoming the key drivers for growth across industries, South Korea’s tech behemoths Naver and Kakao are going all-in to win the tech war using artificial intelligence through AI-powered search engines and logistics solutions businesses.

* key drivers 중요 요인
* behemoth 거대 기업, 조직체
* go all-in 모든 비용을 포함하다, 넣다

[2] Naver announced Tuesday it has made upgrades to its AI search engine, called “Airsearch,” now offering more optimized search results for users.

* optimized 최적화된

[3] “Since the Naver mobile app has access to users’ personal information ranging from gender, age and other specifics, AI offers more detailed content and finds useful content that users weren’t even looking for in the first place,” a Naver official said.

* look for 찾다, 구하다
[4] For instance, if a female in her 30s clicks on “how to decorate a room,” the search engine recommends more detailed search terms such as “how to improve the mood of my room,” rather than offering a vast amount of data or room decor tips, the official added.

* vast 어마어마한, 방대한
* decor (건물의 실내) 장식

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2. [Herald Interview] Studying traditional Korean food: An art of patience and endless questions

기사 요약: 한식 연구가 서명환님의 전통한식 연구에서 느끼는 보람, 고민, 그리고 미래에 대한 이야기

[1] The fame of “K-food” was not built in a day. Korean cuisine, an important component of the country’s soft power along with K-pop and K-dramas that have a relatively short history, dates back centuries, with written records of it going back to the Three Kingdoms period.

* component 구성요소
* date back 거슬러 올라가다

[2] In metropolitan cities, fine dining restaurants that serve ornate contemporary Korean cuisines and small eateries with bite-sized Korean snacks are easy to find. However, places that serve traditional food in manners and style that Korean ancestors used to enjoy are hard to find.

* bite-sized 한 입 크기의

[3] Fortunately, there are those who are committed to studying, recording and passing down the traditions of Korean cuisine. One such person is Seo Myeong-whan, a food researcher and CEO of Mijeoggamgag, a food consulting and cooking class center.

* commit to  -에 전념하다, 헌신하다
* pass down -을 물려주다

[4] “My job is different from that of typical chefs or food researchers. I advise and instruct restaurant owners, chefs, apprentices and novices who seek the original and traditional Korean food,” said Seo on a recent afternoon at Mijeoggamgag in Yeonhui-dong, northern Seoul, during an interview with The Korea Herald. For over 20 years, Seo has been teaching and advising leading entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and individuals who simply wish to cook Korean food in the traditional way.

* novice 초보자
* restaurateur 식당 경영자

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