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[팟캐스트] (452) 거리두기 해제에도 “마스크는 쓸래” / 윤석열 부동산 정책

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Published : April 20, 2022 - 11:42

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진행자: 최정윤, Beth Eunhee Hong

1. Not everyone is ready to unmask
기사 요약: 사적모임·영업시간 제한 등 거리두기 전면해제에도 ‘마스크 벗기'에 대해선 의견 분분
기사 원문:

[1] Omicron appears to be losing its grip in South Korea, raising hopes for a return to pre-pandemic life. For many Koreans, this would entail a farewell to face masks, a daily nuisance that they had to get used to for the past two years.
*lose one’s grip: 기운, 열의를 잃다/ 통제력을 잃다, 제어할 수 없게 되다
*entail: 수반하다 (involve)/ entail a risk, sacrifice
*nuisance: 성가신. 귀찮은 사람 혹은 일, 골칫거리

[2] But not all are happy to ditch their masks. “After two years (of wearing masks), it doesn’t bother me too much to wear one for a long time. Besides, I love not catching a cold, not having to wear makeup and not getting unwanted attention from strangers,” said Cho Hyun-sun, an office worker in her 40s. Cho said she plans to continue covering her face even when the mask mandate is lifted.
*ditch: 불필요한 것을 버리다, (교제하던 사람을) 차 버리다/ n. 배수로, 구멍   
*mandate: 명령, 권한/ vaccine mandate: 백신 의무화

[3] “We have started discussions on what to do with overall distancing, including lifting the mask-wearing rule,” Sohn Young-rae, a health ministry official, said at a press briefing on Tuesday. “We are considering comprehensive measures for a post-omicron scheme ... and the situation is optimistic, as weekly infection cases have been on a steady decline,” he added.
*overall: 종합적인, 전체의
*comprehensive: 포괄적인, 종합적인/ comprehend: (충분히) 이해하다
*scheme: (운영) 계획, 제도

2. Foreigners to face tighter scrutiny in real estate deals
기사 요약: 제 20대 인수위가 부동산 정책 발표를 예고하면서 외국인의 부동산 투기를 억제하기 위해 더 강력한 제제 방안 내놓기로
기사 원문:

[1] South Korea will step up checks on foreigners buying and selling homes here amid accusations that some of them deliberately evaded property taxes because of lax oversight, President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol’s transition committee said Thursday.
*step up: 강화하다, 나서다
*evade: 피하다, 회피하다 
*lax: 일·규칙·기준 등에 대해 느슨한, 해이한 (slack, careless)
*oversight: 관리, 감독/ (잊어버리거나 못 보고 지나쳐서 생긴) 실수, 간과

[2] The team said once the Yoon government takes over on May 10, foreigners will have to report to authorities how many homes they have here, because multiple-home owners pay more taxes. (중략) Some foreigners were found to have falsified their data in order to pay less taxes. The oversight was believed to have led to an increase in foreign buying, which many say fueled the country’s already red-hot property market.
*falsify: 위조하다, 조작하다
*red-hot: 뜨거운, 최신의 (뜨거운 쟁점issue)/ 감정이 격렬한 (red-hot anger)

[3] The way foreigners make real estate deals has also prompted Koreans to call on regulators to review current mortgage rules.The rules ban Koreans from using bank loans to buy high-priced homes, but foreigners have leveraged bank loans made in their home countries to make the purchase. Some suggested forcing foreigners to get a license from the Korean government to make real estate deals, though the contentious proposal has yet to gain the parliament’s support.
*prompt: 어떤 일이 일어나도록 하다, 촉발하다 (provoke, lead)/ adj. 즉각적인, 지체 없는 (=immediate)
*mortgage: (담보) 대출(금), 융자(금) /*loan
*contentious: 논쟁을 초래할

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