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[팟캐스트] (450) 코로나 여파로 TV 몰아보는 사람들 / 윤여정이 가르쳐준 것

By Korea Herald

Published : April 7, 2022 - 16:03

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Youn Yuh-jung (Hook Entertainment) Youn Yuh-jung (Hook Entertainment)

진행자: 조혜림, Naomi Garyan

1. Did COVID introduce you to world of binge-watching?

Marathon TV viewing may help relieve stress of quarantine, but there are dangers

기사요약: 코로나19 여파로 활동이 위축되자 TV 몰아보기하는 사람들.

[1] Kim Young-seo, a 30-year-old piano teacher, had resisted last year’s “Squid Game” phenomenon, shutting herself off from the world of streaming. Then COVID-19 came for her.

After being diagnosed in late February, she signed up for multiple streaming platforms, including Netflix and Apple TV+.

*sign up: 참가하다, 가입하다, 계약하다

[2] As the pandemic has taken away many joys of life such as travel, social gatherings and outdoor activities, people want compensation. They find relief in doing something pleasurable that induces a minor feeling of guilt -- like vegging out in front of TV.

*veg out: 느긋하게 쉬다

[3] “People are burdened with the heft of quarantine as the virus crisis has prolonged. They seek to relieve stress by doing something enjoyable, though it may be unproductive or unhealthy, in a bid to reward themselves,” said Kwak Geum-joo, a psychology professor at Seoul National University.

*heft: 무게

*in a bid: ~일환으로, ~하기위해



2. [Reporter’s notebook] What Youn Yuh-jung has taught us: It’s OK to be yourself

기사요약: 오스카 수상자 윤여정이 말하는 삶의 태도. 그대로의 나도 괜찮다.

[1] My first memory of Youn Yuh-jung dates back to 1991 when she played the role of a talkative and fussy mother in the television series “What is Love,” which holds the record for the third-highest average viewership of any Korean television broadcast here.

*talkative: 수다스러운

*fussy: 신경질적인

*viewership: 시청률

[2] At certain stages of her career, Youn had said she has been weighed down by self-doubt, trapped in by stereotypes and expectations of how female actors should look like. And she didn’t hide it.

*weigh down: ~을 (마음을) 짓누르다

*self-doubt: 자기 회의

[3] After winning the Oscar, more people look up to her as a role model but she still refuses to give advice to younger actors, telling them to just live their lives in her ever-witty and direct manner.

“I hate giving messages the most. What am I? Am I the pope?”

*look up to: 존경하다

*ever-witty: 언제나 재치있게


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