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P&G’s new detergent cleans both laundry, washing machine

By Ahn Ju-hee

Published : Jan. 6, 2022 - 18:01

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The newly launched Downy Degerming Power Liquid Detergent (P&G) The newly launched Downy Degerming Power Liquid Detergent (P&G)
Procter & Gamble has released a detergent with degerming power for customers concerned with laundry that still smells after washing.

Humidity is the typical culprit behind musty clothes, but in the winter it could be the machine itself that is to blame, according to the company.

The inner tub of the washing machine, which holds the clothes, could be teeming with bacteria that cause a lingering unpleasant odor even after drying, it added.

Downy Degerming Power Liquid Detergent offers a practical solution for that, as it not only sterilizes the textile fiber, but also disinfects the washing machine itself. Thus, it cleans clothes and tackles the root cause of fusty smells at the same time.

This latest Downy line removes the extra burden of having to sanitize the machine with a separate chemical, the company said, adding that it is a convenient, hygienic choice for customers in need of an all-in-one solution.

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