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[팟캐스트] (426) 대법원 "한국어 능력 부족하다고 자녀양육권 박탈 안돼" / 전국에 때이른 가을 한파특보

By Korea Herald

Published : Oct. 20, 2021 - 15:42

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진행자: 간형우, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Lack of Korean language skills not reason to deny child custody: Supreme Court

요약: 대법원 "한국어 능력 부족하다고 외국인 부모 양육권 뺏을 수 없어"

[1] The Supreme Court on Sunday overturned a lower court’s ruling that a foreign woman who married a Korean man and later divorced could not have child custody due to a lack of Korean language communication skills.

*overturn: 뒤집다, 엎다
*divorce: 이혼(하다)
*child custody: 양육권

[2] According to the court, the two married in 2015 and had two children. They filed for divorce the next year and the wife took the older daughter, who was 2 years old at the time, with her and had taken care of her since.

*file for: 신청(제기)하다
*take care of: 돌보다, 처리하다

[3] The first and second trials had accepted the divorce claims and ruled the husband should have child custody because the wife lacked the proper environment and ability for parenting due to her insufficient Korean language skills and unstable residence.

*trial: 재판, 공판
*lack: 부족, 결핍
*insufficient: 불충분한, 미흡한
*unstable: 불안정한

[4] Regarding the lower courts’ use of Korean proficiency as a major determinant for child custody, the Supreme Court pointed out that it can result in discrimination against the mother’s native country and it should be noted that understanding of a foreign parent’s native language and culture is an important factor in the formation of the child’s self-esteem.

*regarding ~: ~에 관하여
*determinant: 결정 요인
*discrimination: 차별
*self-esteem: 자존감, 자부심

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2. Early cold snap grips Korea

요약: 이른 ‘가을 한파’에 64년만에 가장 추운 서울의 10월

[1] Temperatures dropped sharply across the country over the weekend as cold wave alerts were issued for most regions. The Korea Meteorological Administration said Sunday’s morning lows dropped below 5 degrees Celsius nationwide with many regions marking the coldest weather of the year.

*sharply: 날카롭게, 급격히
*cold wave alert: 한파특보
*morning low: 아침 최저기온

[2] Seoul saw its first ice of the year Sunday, a week earlier than the last year and 17 days earlier than the average, according to the KMA. The capital city’s Sunday morning low recorded 1.3 degrees Celsius, the lowest for mid-October since 1957.

*average: 평균

[3] A cold wave alert is issued when the lowest temperature is expected to fall 10 degrees or more to less than 3 degrees Celsius and record 3 degrees lower than the annual average. It can also be issued when the morning lows are forecast to be lower than minus 12 degrees Celsius for two days or longer.

*fall: 떨어지다, 넘어지다
*annual: 연간의, 연례의
*forecast: 예측, 예보(하다)

[4] Although the cold wave alerts were lifted as of 10 a.m. Sunday, the KMA forecast that the unusual chilly weather will continue through Monday with strong winds. The agency added that temperatures are expected to gradually go up later in the week.

*lift: 들어올리다
*unusual: 특이한, 드문
*gradually: 서서히

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