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CANOTWAIT_ by William Chan Debuts Its Fall/Winter 2021 Collection


Published : Oct. 9, 2021 - 00:00

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SHANGHAI, Oct. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- CANOTWAIT_, founded by William Chan, has debuted its highly anticipated 2021 Fall/Winter collection. The brand has been in the spotlight of the fashion world recently, and well-received by fashionstas and the streetwear industry alike. Titled "CANOTWAIT TO GO HIGHER", the CANOTWAIT_ 2021 Fall/Winter collection, featuring the Designer Series and the ToWear Series, infuses William Chan's love of camping, skiing and other outdoor activities into this season's apparel design. Large-area abstract images are used to depict the inspiring aesthetics of nature. The collection awakens people's latent energy, willing them to continue the climb and "GO HIGHER".

The ToWear Series integrates a variety of fashion elements into its new lineup of corduroy jackets, wool blend sweaters, denim jackets, faux-leather jackets and other items that stand out for their superior texture. The series takes the colors of nature as inspiration, resulting in multicolored mohair sweaters, scarves and full-print shirts with textures that incorporate contour lines, as well as jacquard mount cardigans and tight-fitting outfits for women.

The new accessories series continues the DIY fun and incredible aesthetic design, combining the "≠" symbol, a representation of the brand's spirit, in a variety of accessories such as beaded bracelets, glossy rings and earrings, as well as colorful disposable protective masks and hooded cowl necks, merging classy streetwear with upgraded utilitarian styling.

CANOTWAIT_ 2021 Fall/Winter ToWear Collection
CANOTWAIT_ 2021 Fall/Winter ToWear Collection

The new Designer Series is impressive in abstracting the visual presentation of animals and human figures, imbuing "GO HIGHER" with poetic expression. The series features several new items such as reversible sweaters, patch suit jackets, down jackets, sweater vests, and double-faced wool coats, which have refined tailoring and rich details, combined with garment dyeing, tassel patching, digital printing, and other stunning craftsmanship. The novel artistic presentation of high-street style brands is set to surprise trendsetters.

CANOTWAIT_ 2021 Fall/Winter Designer Collection
CANOTWAIT_ 2021 Fall/Winter Designer Collection


Founded by William Chan, CANOTWAIT_ is a fashion brand inspired by modern art and street culture. William Chan is an active art collector and a big believer in the power of love that are deeply rooted in the brand. He believes that if people treasure life, good things will happen.