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POLY English Vietnam Launches POLY ONE - An All-in-one Innovative Learning Platform

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Oct. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- To facilitate effective online teaching and learning activities during the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam, POLY English Vietnam has launched POLY ONE - an all-in-one innovative online learning platform to help students and parents overcome the difficulties they are facing.

POLY ONE – an ‘all-in-one’ innovative learning platform
POLY ONE – an ‘all-in-one’ innovative learning platform

Mr. Peter Waters, Academic Director of POLY English Vietnam, shared: "POLY ONE (POLY ONline Education) is an innovative student-centred solution which responds to the challenges of online teaching. It uses a Cloud-based system and exclusive video software to send activities directly to students' tablets in real time." POLY English Vietnam has also equipped each of their students with a tablet to ensure a better online learning experience.

For some students, using multiple learning applications simultaneously makes it more challenging to adapt quickly. Many students were disconnected while studying or facing log-in issues. Besides, parents are also "frustrated" with monitoring their children's learning progress.

Online learning solution through POLY ONE platform

Understanding these difficulties, POLY English Vietnam has launched POLY ONE - Multimedia online learning platform, integrated with "all-in-one" features that allow students and teachers to gain better engagement in class.

In POLY ONE, all the textbooks, homework, and resources are available. Teachers and students only need to use this platform to participate in the classroom.

Mr. Chang Lee, POLY General Manager, Research and Development emphasised: "The Digital Textbook component of POLY ONE provides diverse, interactive activities to keep students involved, helping them to become active learners. These skills-aligned activities help students achieve the lesson objectives and support teachers in making their lesson more engaging."

With its own cloud servers inside Vietnam, POLY ONE ensures an uninterrupted learning experience. Moreover, all results and activities in class are saved, which is more effective for evaluating the learning process.

POLY ONE can also help teachers assess the lessons more objectively. "The activities, assessments and the function to view the students' screens and their real-time progress enable teachers to receive actual feedback for all of their students in class, helping them make any improvement for the lessons," added Mr. Lee. The results are also sent directly to POLY Parents (POLY digital contact book for parents). 

"POLY ONE is a solution that can help students stay on track and not to be left behind in these difficult times," Mr. Lee said.