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[팟캐스트] (421) 국산 우주발사체 누리호 개발사 KAI 인터뷰/ 넷플릭스 D.P. 보고 우리 군 비난한 북한 매체

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Published : Sept. 15, 2021 - 09:42

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Netflix’s Netflix’s "D.P." (Courtesy of Netflix)

진행자: 조혜림, Naomi Garyan

Article 1. [Herald Interview] Homegrown rocket may be ticket to join new space order

요약: 다음 달 발사하는 우주발사체 누리호 개발사 한국항공우주산업 이창한 우주사업부 팀장 인터뷰

[1] In 2013, South Korea celebrated the launch of its first rocket -- the “Naro” Korea Space Launch Vehicle 1 -- from its own soil. The country’s first spaceflight success was, however, an effort that largely relied on Russian experts.

*spaceflight: 우주비행
*rely: 의존하다

[2] From its design to assembly, Nuri is an all-Korean endeavor. And if all goes as planned on Oct. 21, it will give the country the much-needed admission ticket to a new space order, according to Lee Chang-han, a Korea Aerospace Industries executive overseeing the project.

*endeavor: 노력, 시도
*much-needed: 크게 필요한 지원
*admission: 입장, 시인하다

[3] His company is Korea’s sole aircraft builder, with accumulated know-how in assembling fighter jets, including the latest KF-21 Borame, and developing the country’s first homegrown utility helicopter Surion. The private firm has orchestrated the assembly and system integration of Nuri, leading the 2 trillion-won ($1.71 billion) project.

*sole: 유일한, 단 하나의
*accumulated: 축적된, 누적된
*homegrown: 국내산의
*orchestrate: (행사, 계획 등을) 조직하다

기사 원문:

Article 2. Netflix series shows S. Korean soldiers still face abuse: NK

요약: 최근 인기를 끌고있는 넷플릭스 드라마 D.P. 에 대해 우리 군을 비난한 북한 선전 매체 매아리

[1] Enlisted soldiers in South Korea still have to deal with abuse and violent crimes, North Korea’s propaganda outlet, Meari, said Saturday, referring to Netflix’s Korean thriller “D.P.”

*enlist: 입대한, 징집하다
*deal with: ~을 다루다
*refer: 참조하다 주목시키다 ~알아보도록 하다 조사하다

[2] The Deserter Pursuit team, made up of rank and file soldiers, depicts some of the physical and psychological abuse that take place on the team and within the military in general.

*rank and file: 일반 사병들, 조직의 일반 구성원들
*take place: 개최되다, 일어나다
*in general: 보통, 대개, 전반적으로

[3] Kim Bo-tong, a webtoon writer whose story inspired “D.P.,” said the series was a reflection of his experience as a DP team member. He said he had seen a culture of abuse going unnoticed. Kim, who uses a penname, said there is more room for improvement when dealing with human rights issues in the military.

*reflection: 반사, 반영
*go unnoticed: 눈에 띄지 않고 넘어가다, 간과되다
*more room for: 공간이 있다, 여지가 있다


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