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[팟캐스트] (419) 국민 88%가 받을 국민지원금 / 아프간인 수용 이후 주문 쇄도한 진천몰

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Published : Sept. 1, 2021 - 10:45

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진행자: 임현수. Paul Kerry

1. South Korea to dole out relief funds to 88% of Koreans

[1] South Korea plans to provide 250,000 won ($214) for each individual in a disaster relief fund to help revive the sagging economy hit by the prolonged pandemic, officials said Monday.

*disaster relief: 재난구조
*sagging: 처진
*prolong: 계속되는

[2] Subsidies worth a total of 11 trillion won are to be given to households in the bottom 80 percent income bracket. But, as special standards apply to single-person households and dual-income households, about 88 percent of the total population will receive them.

*subsidies: 지원금
*income bracket: 소득계층
*dual-income: 맞벌이

[3] As for single-person households, they are eligible for the fund if their health insurance fee is less than 170,000 won. The government said that employees with annual incomes of 58 million won or less may be eligible for the application. Applications start on Sept. 6, and people can use the money beginning a day later. If the funds are not used by Dec. 31, the balance will be returned to the state.

*As for: ~에 관해서
*eligible: 자격이 있는
*fee: 비용

[4] Permanent foreign residents (F-5 visa holders) and marriage immigrants (F-6) are eligible for the fund regardless of their resident registrations, as long as they meet the health insurance qualifications.

*Permanent: 영구적인
*regardless of: ~와 관계없이
*meet: (기준 등을) 만족시키다

기사 원문:

2. Online orders flood in for Jincheon store after county accepts Afghan evacuees

[1] A Jincheon-based online store has temporarily suspended taking new orders after a drastic surge in orders following the county’s decision to accept Afghan evacuees.

*based: ~에 거주하는
*suspend: 중단하다
*following: ~이후

[2] In a statement released on the website Sunday, JC Mall said its order volume had jumped “more than twentyfold” since Friday, compared with other weekends.

*volume: 양
*jump: 증가하다
*twentyfold: 20배

[3] Its increased popularity comes after hundreds of evacuees from Afghanistan were admitted to the Leadership Campus of the National Human Resources Development Institute in the county in North Chungcheong Province, where they will stay for about two months. *evacuee

*admit: 받아들이다
*about: 약, 대략

[4] South Korea’s attitude toward refugees, however, remains lukewarm. In a survey conducted by Hankook Research last year at the request of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, 53 percent of respondents said they were against the country taking in refugees, while 33 percent were in favor.

*toward: ~에 향한
*remain: 남다
*lukewarm: 미지근한, 어정쩡한
*in favor of: ~을 지지하는


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