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Sanya Tourism Promotion Board launches new official website


Published : Aug. 20, 2021 - 23:10

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Driving the transformation of Sanya into one of the world's top tourist destinations

SANYA, China, Aug. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Sanya Tourism Promotion Board's newly designed multilingual tourism website ( formally went live on August 20. Taking its cue from some of the world's most successful websites run by official tourism boards, including those of the Hong Kong and Singapore tourism boards, the site is innovative in style, website architecture, interactive content and other aspects, with expectations running strong that it will further boost the promotional efforts of Sanya's excellent tourism resources while enhancing the popularity and reputation of Sanya worldwide. It is anticipated that the site will persuade more online visitors to choose this seaside destination for an upcoming vacation, which, in turn, will further justify the construction of Sanya International Tourism and Consumption Center.

Sanya Tourism Promotion Board launches new official website
Sanya Tourism Promotion Board launches new official website

The Sanya tourism promotion website was simultaneously launched in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, English and Russian. Given the current preferences of younger travelers, a mobile version was launched simultaneously with the version for PCs.

An executive at Sanya Tourism Promotion Board explained that the new website highlights Sanya's rich and colorful tourism resources by categorizing the information according to Sanya's four districts. At the same time, the executive explained, the site is also paying close attention to market segmentation, with themed sections catering to the varied expectations of visitors based on their demographics and preferences, including, among others, Family Time in Sanya, Healthy Sanya, Romantic Sanya, Leisure in Sanya and Night Tour in Sanya.

The website will be regularly optimized and updated after the trial period, to be always current with the latest, most authoritative information, while displaying photos of the area's most interesting scenery and descriptions of the area's characteristic culture. At the same time, Sanya's tourism authorities remain dedicated to be continually improving the service experience for visitors in a move to transform the city into one of world's top tourism destinations.

The website team plans to integrate resources around what they refer to as "tourism +", gathering together more high-quality content and services, with a focus on "must see" sites and "must do" experiences, to maximize the value that the visitor will get out of a sojourn here. The goal is to assure that every visitor will fall in love with this city-by-the-sea, and bring home joyful and unforgettable memories of their time spent in the tropical paradise named Sanya.