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Samsung Electro-Mechanics develops 2 MLCCs for self-driving vehicles

By Song Su-hyun

Published : Aug. 12, 2021 - 15:03

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(Samsung Electro-Mechanics) (Samsung Electro-Mechanics)

Samsung Electro-Mechanics, a component supplier of Samsung Electronics, said Thursday it has developed two key multi-layer ceramic capacitors for autonomous driving systems.

One is the smaller than any MLCCs currently available for advanced driver assist systems, or ADAS, measuring 0.6 millimeters in length and 0.3 mm across, the firm said. The other boasts storage of 47 microfarads.

The company expects the new products to be widely used for self-driving cars in the foreseeable future.

The smallest MLCC, called 0603 MLCC, has been reduced 64 percent in size from its predecessor, but it does maintain the same storage volume of 100 microfarads.

It will be used for the electronic control unit in autonomous driving vehicles, which removes noise to deliver signals more accurately to drivers.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics more than doubled the intensity of the product compared to existing MLCCs in order to prevent damage to the component from external shocks and vibrations during driving.

Durability and product quality are the key factors in automotive MLCCs, the Samsung Group company added.

The 47uF MLCC, 3.2 mm in length and 1.6 mm in width, will be responsible for stable power supply within cars. Samsung has increased the storage volume twofold from current products.

Increasing the storage is essential for MLCCs in autonomous cars as the ADAS evolves with transmission and processing of greater amounts of data.

The firm said it succeeded in further reducing the size of ceramic power, the key material for MLCCs, to secure the storage.

“Demand for smaller, larger storage and highly trusted MLCCs is rapidly growing as cars go electrified,” said Kim Doo-young, head of component business at Samsung Electro-Mechanics. “The company will continue developments and manufacturing of proprietary materials to expand its share in the automotive MLCC market.”