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[팟캐스트] (412) 한국, 외국인 우수 인재에 거주비자 발급 추진 / 국민 SNS ‘싸이월드’가 돌아온다

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Published : July 14, 2021 - 08:30

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진행자: 간형우, Brolley Genster

1. South Korea to tweak visa policies and welcome more foreigners

요약: 정부는 외국인 우수 인력 유치를 위해 거주비자 발급 방안을 조정한다고 밝혔다

[1] South Korea plans to change parts of its visa policy to allow more skilled foreigners into the country, in a bid to tackle its declining population and aging society. The plans were unveiled Wednesday at a regular briefing held by the Ministry of Justice.

*in a bid to ~: ~하기 위해
*decline: 감소(하다)
*unveil: 덮개를 벗기다, 발표하다

[2] According to the ministry, the government plans to lower qualifications to obtain long-term residency, or a F-2 visa, for talented foreigners in “promising industries” that require support on a “national level.” Exactly which industries are to be included in the category has not been decided yet.

*obtain: 얻다, 입수하다
*residency: 거주
*promising: 유망한, 촉망되는

[3] The Justice Ministry is also considering to create a new residency visa for remote working foreigners in IT and other cutting-edge technologies. There were also plans to allow E-9 visa holders, or foreign workers in manual labor, to stay in the country.

*remote: 원격의, 외진, 먼
*cutting-edge: 최첨단
*manual: 수동의, 육체 노동의

[4] In South Korea, foreigners in fields like fishing, farming, manufacturing and other labor-intensive jobs reside under an E-9 visa. If the person meets government criteria, an E-9 visa can be changed to an E-74, or a nonprofessional visa, which guarantees long-term stay.

*manufacturing: 제조업
*intensive: 집중적인
*criteria: 기준, 표준

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2. Cyworld comes alive again

요약: 페이스북과 인스타그램 이전 대한민국이 열광한 싸이월드가 다시 되살아난다

[1] Cyworld, the dominant social networking site here before the era of Facebook throughout the 2000s, was set to reopen Monday evening, with many in their 30s and 40s ripe with anticipation to revisit their past.

*dominant: 우세한, 지배적인
*era: 시대
*ripe with ~: ~로 가득한

[2] With nearly 32 million members at one point, Cyworld was the uncontested champion of social media here, as the country’s younger generation spent hours decorating their own pages and digging up information about other people.

*nearly: 거의
*uncontested: 경쟁이없는
*dig up: 캐내다, 파내다

[3] Major companies and universities eventually blocked access to Cyworld to stop employees and students from spending too much time there during working or school hours.

*major: 주요한
*eventually: 결국
*access: 접근

[4] Following the arrival of the iPhone in Korea in 2009, however, Cyworld slowly gave way to Facebook and others that ran mobile services, and even suffered a massive data leakage incident in 2011.

*following ~: ~의 다음에, ~을 뒤따라, ~ 이후
*give way to ~: ~에 굽히다, ~로 대체되다
*leakage: 누출, 유출, 새어나감

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