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[팟캐스트] (408) 헌정 사상 최초 30대 당 대표 이준석/ 성에 대한 선입견 깨는 이브콘돔

By Korea Herald

Published : June 16, 2021 - 10:31

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Lee Jun-seok, the new chairman of the People Power Party (Yonhap) Lee Jun-seok, the new chairman of the People Power Party (Yonhap)

진행자: 조혜림, Naomi Garyan

1. 36-year-old Lee Jun-seok becomes new leader of People Power Party

요약: 헌정 사상 최초 30대 이준석 원내교섭단체 대표 당선.

[1] Lee Jun-seok, a 36-year-old politician, won the leadership election for the opposition People Power Party, becoming the youngest ever leader of the nation’s main conservative party.

*opposition: 야당
*conservative party: 보수 정당

[2] Earlier, the People Power Party’s election commission conducted a vote on 328,000 electors from Monday to Thursday. The final winner was determined by a combination of votes from party members (70 percent) and opinion polls conducted on the general public (30 percent). The final turnout was 45.36 percent, the highest since mobile voting was introduced in 2017, and Lee won by 43.8 percent to Na’s 37.1 percent of the vote.

*conduct: (특정한 활동을) 하다, 지휘하다
*elector: 선거인, 유권자
*turnout: 투표자의 수, 투표율

[3] The victory of Lee, who has no significant political record and has never been elected to the National Assembly, reflects the widespread antipathy among the public to established politics and a desire for more fundamental changes in both ruling and opposition parties, political experts say.

*significant: (영향을 주거나 두드러질 정도로) 중요한
*widespread: 광범위한, 널리 퍼진
*antipathy: (강한) 반감
*established: 저명한, 자리잡은, 기득권


2. [Herald Interview] Eve: making inclusive condoms for everyone

요약: 다양한 성적 지향성을 존중하고 콘돔이 부끄러운 성인용품이라는 고정관념을 깨고자한 이브콘돔의 박진아 대표 인터뷰.

[1] It is not so often that companies in South Korea  go out of their way  to cater to the LGBTQ community.

*go out of sb way: 특별히 애를 쓰다, 노력하다
*cater to: ~을 충족시키다

[2] Eve, however, is not afraid to embrace everyone. With its gender-neutral models and simple product packaging, the sexual health brand is a far cry from the heteronormative narrative that has dominated the condom industry for years.

*embrace: 포옹하다, 받아들이다 수용하다
*gender-neutral: 성 중립적인
*far-cry: ~와 전혀 다른, 큰 격차가 있는
*heteronormative: 이성애 중심의

[3] To convey a message of inclusivity, the company relies on visuals to embrace people of all sexual orientations. Last year it featured ordinary people -- ranging from a producer and a YouTuber to a fitting model -- in a collection of promotional images. The firm wanted to hire as many models as possible from all walks of life so as not to make people feel excluded or discriminated against, the 29-year-old executive said.

*convey: 전하다
*inclusivity: 포용력
*all walks of life: 사회 각계 계층
*so as to~: ~를 하기 위해서, 하려고


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