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[팟캐스트] (407) 대통령 선거 출마연령 조정 목소리/ 글로벌 합작 "배트맨: 더 월드" 만화책 출간 예정

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Published : June 9, 2021 - 10:29

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Pedestrians pass by a stamp sculpture installed in front of the Korea Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul before the April 7 by-elections. (Yonhap) Pedestrians pass by a stamp sculpture installed in front of the Korea Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul before the April 7 by-elections. (Yonhap)

진행자: 김혜연, Naomi Garyan

1. Will Constitution be revised to allow young president?

요약: 대통령 선거 출마연령(피선거권) 하향 조정을 위한 개헌 요구의 목소리가 나오고 있다.

[1] Politicians from ruling and opposition parties raise voices to change age limit for presidential candidates. Discussions on abolishing the age limit for presidential candidates are gaining traction in the wake of the sensation caused by 36-year-old Lee Jun-seok in the main opposition People Power Party’s leadership race.

*abolish: (법률·제도·조직을) 폐지하다

*traction: 끌기, 견인(력)

*in the wake of: ~에 뒤이어, ~의 결과로서


[2] Under the current Constitution, a candidate must be over 40 years old to run for president. The clause was first introduced in 1962 during the fifth constitutional amendment led by the military regime. In order for the Constitution to be revised, the motion needs the support of more than two-thirds of the National Assembly, and to be approved in a referendum.


*run for ~: ~을 부르러 달려가다, ~에 입후보하다

*clause: (법적 서류의) 조항, 조목

*referendum: 국민 투표, 총선거


[3] Kang Min-jin, 26, the leader of the youth chapter of the liberal minor Justice Party, was the first politician to ignite the debate at the 21st National Assembly. Kang pointed out in a press briefing on May 30 that “All presidential candidates speak of ‘youth’ but none of them are youth.” She said, “The constitutional provisions that prohibit those under 40 from running for president are discrimination and unfair. The removal of the 40-year minimum age guarantees everyone the right to be president.”


*ignite: 불이 붙다, 점화되다

*provision: (법령) 조항

*prohibit: (특히 법으로) 금하다

[4] Public opinion on the need for a constitutional revision remains divided, according to a recent poll. Last week, polling agency Realmeter released survey results on revising the age limit for running for president. It contacted 9,421 people aged 18 or older nationwide, with about 500 responding. According to the result, 50.3 percent of respondents said they “agree” and 44.8 percent said they “disagree,” while 4.9 percent said they “don’t know.”


*public opinion: 여론

*poll: 여론 조사, 투표

*nationwide: 전국적인




2. When Batman faces gangsters in Jongno

-DC comics’ global collaboration series “Batman: The World” has Seoul as main stage


 요약: DC코믹스에서 최초로 한국을 비롯한 14개국이 참여하는 글로벌 프로젝트, '배트맨: 더 월드' 만화책을 낼 예정이다.

[1] The iconic superhero Batman will be created by a Korean writer and cartoonists, this time against the backdrop of Seoul. DC Comics is to publish a series set in 14 countries around the globe -- Korea, China, Japan, US, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Mexico, and Brazil -- working with writers from the respective countries.


*iconic: 상징이 되는, 우상의

*against the backdrop of: ~을 배경으로 해서

*respective: 각자의, 각각의


[2] Spurred by the Dark Knight’s realization that his fight for justice should not be limited to Gotham city, the global collaboration series is the first of its kind for DC Comics since its founding in 1934. Throughout the localized anthology featuring Batman’s past and present, international voices are delivered by influential and talented writers.


*spurred by: ~에 자극되어, ~로 인해

*realization: 깨달음, 자각, 인식

*first of its kind: 그 종류의 첫번째의

*anthology: 작품집, 모음집


[3] “Batman: Moonin,” is the title featuring Korea and takes place in Jongno-gu, central Seoul. The plot unfolds as “Moonin,” a device that reads and visualizes human memories, is stolen while in development by a Korean company. The 184-page original Batman project is expected to launch worldwide on Sep. 14, both in digital and physical format.


*featuring: (특별히) 포함하는, 다루는

*unfold: (내용이 서서히) 펼쳐지다, 밝혀지다

*physical: 물체의, 물질(물리)적인



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