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Korea Tourism Organization launches environment-focused travel challenge on social media

By Kim Hae-yeon

Published : June 2, 2021 - 14:54

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Campaign poster for “Inconvenient Travel Tips“ (Korea Tourism Organization) Campaign poster for “Inconvenient Travel Tips“ (Korea Tourism Organization)
When planning a trip involves buying new products and creating waste, a major problem arises – travelers enjoying the outdoors while ignoring the impact their vacation may have on the environment.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization jointly launched the “Inconvenient Travel Tips“ campaign on Wednesday, to promote eco-friendly travel methods through October.

The travel tips are conservation-minded measures that some may find inconvenient, but will benefit the well-being of the planet.

The campaign suggests amending one’s travel habits such thinking about ways to reduce disposable products, minimizing souvenir packaging, cutting down on one’s carbon footprint by sticking to trails and footpaths, and using eco-friendly products throughout the trip.

The ultimate aim of the campaign is to spread the message that small actions by tourists and travel destinations can make a big difference.

The ”Inconvenient Travel Tips Challenge“ is also underway from May 20 to Aug. 31, inviting people to share their unique sustainable travel tips on social media, through posts, photos, illustrations, and videos.

Through both a public vote on the event website and expert screenings, the Brilliant Traveler Award will be given to 20 winners, and another 50 will be given the Better Will Award on September. The winners will be given travel bags from an upcycling brand and eco-friendly travel kits. An additional 200 people will be selected through a lottery for beverage exchange coupons.

Chung Serang, the author of the novel that was adapted into the Netflix series “The School Nurse Files,” who is also known for embracing sustainability issues, and Kim Kang-eun, founder of Clean Hikers, a volunteer group dedicated to hiking and picking up trash along the way, will help spread the campaign by participating in the challenge on social media.

More information can be found at KTO’s event Instagram page, @kto9suk9suk, or through the event website,

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