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[팟캐스트] (403) ‘국내 외국인 투표권 폐지’ 국민청원 논란 / 최후의 날 대비한 시드 볼트

By Korea Herald

Published : May 12, 2021 - 14:48

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진행자: 간형우, Naomi Garyan

1. Migrants’ voting rights in firing line

요약: 청와대 국민청원 게시판에 국내 외국인에 대한 지방선거 투표권 부여에 반대하는 글이 올라왔다.

[1] Amid growing anti-China sentiment in the nation, some South Koreans are calling for foreign permanent residents’ right to vote to be abolished because a majority of them are Chinese.

*sentiment: 정서, 감정
*call for ~: ~을 요구하다
*abolish: 폐지하다

[2] On April 28, a petition was posted on the website of presidential Blue House with the title of “Foreigners’ voting rights (location election) are unconstitutional. It has to be abolished.” The writer of the post said, “(We) respect and don’t discriminate against foreigners. However, the right to vote is the unique right of the people of Korea.”

*petition: 진정서, 탄원서, 청원서
*unconstitutional: 헌법에 위배되는, 위헌인
*discriminate: 차별하다, 식별하다

[3] “Chinese nationals own 80 percent of foreign voting rights. This opens the door to China’s intervention in the Korean election, which is likely to be involved in presidential and parliamentary elections,” the writer added, although foreign nationals are not allowed to vote in presidential or legislative elections as the right is limited to elections for local authorities.

*intervention: 개입, 간섭, 조정
*legislative: 입법부의

[4] In less than two weeks, more than 43,000 people signed up to the petition. Since 2006, foreigners have had the right to vote in local elections if they have been permanent residents for three years or more. At the time, there was no public opinion against foreigners’ suffrage.

*permanent: 영구적인
*suffrage: 투표권

기사 원문:

2. Inside Asia’s first underground seed vault

요약: 지구 멸망 대비해 야생 식물 종자 보관하는 ‘시드볼트’가 한국 백두대간에 있다. 

[1] Six hundred meters up a mountain in the southern part of the country’s longest range, Baekdu-daegan, stands a building in a clearing with a seed-shaped roof. But the above-ground structure of the Baekdu-daegan Seed Vault belies the true size of this sprawling underground structure.

*belie: 착각하게 만들다, 거짓임을 보여주다

[2] Officially launched in 2016 and designated a national security facility since 2019, the Baekdu-daegan Seed Vault’s main purpose is to secure biodiversity from threats such as natural disasters, climate change and war, to support sustainable life for human beings.

*biodiversity: 생물의 다양성
*sustainable: 지속 가능한

[3] The Baekdu-daegan Seed Vault in Korea is one of only two built worldwide - the other is Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which opened in 2008 on an arctic Norwegian Island. It currently stores over 90,000 types of seeds.

*arctic: 북극의, 북극 지방의
*store: 저장하다, 보관하다 / 가게, 창고

[4] The main part of the tightly controlled Seed Vault is located in a tunnel structure 46 meters below ground. Padded jackets, boots, and gloves are a must in order to bear the temperature inside, kept at 20 degrees below zero Celsius.

*bear: 참다, 견디다 / 곰
*Celsius: 섭씨(의)

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