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Naver Cloud’s global growth accelerates due to pandemic

By Lim Jeong-yeo

Published : Jan. 28, 2021 - 17:29

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Naver Cloud platform seeks to amplify global presence through global partners (Naver Cloud) Naver Cloud platform seeks to amplify global presence through global partners (Naver Cloud)
The COVID-19 pandemic has thwarted many businesses, but for some, it acted as a stressor for growth.

On the back of increased contactless working, Naver’s Cloud service experienced a 41.4 percent on-year revenue growth in 2020 at 273.7 billion won ($245.3 million).

Naver Cloud currently offers the biggest portfolio of cloud services within Korea at a total of 173 products in 16 categories. It operates a separate cloud system for financial businesses like banks and for public institutions that require a notch higher vigilance and security.

Through massive investments in the security department, Naver Cloud touts the most information protection certifications and greatest cloud security support for clients, among Korean cloud providers.

Naver has a plethora of businesses it runs itself, and has the experience of employing security monitoring for itself.

In a report by Synergy Research Group, a global data aggregator, Naver came out among the Top 5 in Asia-Pacific region’s cloud service leadership.

Outside of Korea, Naver Cloud is available in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany and the US.

These are all major hub areas across the globe. Having such infrastructure allows Naver to provide a stable global service.

Among Korean players, this is the largest volume of global region coverage, Naver said. What this means is that a client of the Naver Cloud platform can easily launch businesses overseas, without the need to build an infrastructure from scratch.

Naver Cloud’s global footprint has enabled K-pop group BTS’ 2019 concert in the UK be broadcast through Naver’s V Live online streaming service.

Naver Cloud is racing to claim its piece of the pie currently led by global firms Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.

It has a strategic alliance with global information technology giants the likes of Intel, IBM, SAP, Yandex, VMware, Deskera and more.

“Naver Cloud has grown through close partnerships with global top-tier companies,” said Kim Tae-chang, Naver Cloud’s chief of cloud business.

“We will continue to advance our technology and service operation through local partners in various nations,” Kim said.

Deskera is the No. 1 software-as-a-service business in southeast Asia, and Yandex the top Russian search engine.

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