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CheongKwanJang’s red ginseng gains spotlight amid pandemic

By Yim Hyun-su

Published : Jan. 13, 2021 - 15:42

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CheongKwanJang’s Korean Red Ginseng Extract Everytime (KGC) CheongKwanJang’s Korean Red Ginseng Extract Everytime (KGC)
As people looked for ways to enhance their immune system amid the coronavirus pandemic, red ginseng is enjoying a surge in popularity both in Korea and elsewhere, according to Korea‘s leading red ginseng brand CheongKwanJang.

“Since the coronavirus outbreak, consumption of red ginseng in Korea has risen for its immune-boosting and other health benefits,” one official at Korea Ginseng Corp. said on Wednesday.

“Korean Red Ginseng Concentrated Extract, made of 100 percent ginseng, is highly popular,” the official added.

Multiple health benefits of red ginseng have been approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, according to KGC, including fighting fatigue, boosting the immune system, as well as improving memory and blood circulation.

In December, the company signed a memorandum of understanding with the International Vaccine Institute to jointly develop immunity boosters that work as an agent to improve the performance of a vaccine.

CheongKwanJang’s sales of red ginseng products outside Korea has also improved amid growing interest in strengthening the immune system.

In China, online sales increased 41 percent year-on-year during the first six months of last year, while sales in the US and Japan also grew after the company teamed up with major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, the company said.

CheongKwanJang’s Hong Sam Jeong, also known as Korean Red Ginseng Extract Everytime, remains the brand’s best seller, racking up over 300 billion won ($273.7 million) in sales each year. Made with ingredients from six-year-old red ginseng using KGC’s experience and technology, the product is available in multiple countries including China, the UK and Australia.

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