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[팟캐스트] (358) 삐라는 무엇인가 / 코로나 실직자 제주도에 가장 많아

By Lim Jeong-yeo

Published : June 24, 2020 - 16:27

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진행: 임정요, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Leafleting: decisive propaganda or empty provocation?

[1] Even in the 21st century with all its technical wizardry and social media, old-fashioned propaganda leaflets seem to matter a great deal on Korean Peninsula, the world’s last remaining Cold War frontier.

*wizardry: 마법
*social media: SNS
*old-fashioned: 고전적인
*propaganda leaflets: 삐라, 선전 전단지
*frontier: 국경

[2] The act of flying huge gas-filled balloons carrying leaflets and other materials denouncing the rival regime has lately become the source of sudden ratcheting up of tensions between the two Koreas.

*denounce: 비난하다
*ratcheting up: 증가시키다
*tension: 긴장감

[3] Enraged by defectors here sending anti-North Korea leaflets across the border, Pyongyang last week publicly blew up the inter-Korean liaison office in its border city Kaesong, which served as a de facto embassy between the two Koreas. It warned to take further actions, including sending its own propaganda leaflets across the Southern border.

*enraged: 격노하다
*defector: 탈북자
*blew up: 폭발시키다
*liaison office: 연락 사무소
*de facto: 실질적인


2. Jeju Island No. 1 in jobless growth from COVID-19

[1] South Korea saw the number of recipients of unemployment benefits surge 30.4 percent to 660,464 in only three months in the wake of the novel coronavirus.

*recipient: 수혜자
*unemployment benefits: 실업자 혜택
*in the wake of: ~의 여파로

[2] While the government paid more in benefits to those who lost their jobs in all 17 regions nationwide, data from the Korea Employment Information Service showed disparities among regions.

*disaprity: 격차

[3] Jeju Province had 8,286 recipients in April, compared with 5,135 in January, when the first coronavirus case was reported in Korea. That is a 61.3 percent increase, the highest in the nation.

*compared with: ~와 비교해보면

[4] Self-employed businesspeople make up a high proportion of the province’s residents. Particularly over the past decade, many small retailers including coffee shop owners, have rushed from the mainland to the nation’s largest island.

*self-employed: 자영업의
*small retailers: 소상공인