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Porsche Korea donates W200m for COVID-19 relief efforts

(Porsche Korea)
(Porsche Korea)

Porsche Korea said Friday that it has donated 200 million won ($166,000) to ChildFund Korea with its four authorized dealer partners -- Stuttgart Sports Cars, Autostadt, Deutsch Auto Co. and Yongsan Sports Automobile -- for coronavirus relief efforts.

The donation will be used under two categories “Porsche Do Dream Safe Kit” and “Porsche Do Dream Safe Fund.” Recipients will be children in low-income families and vulnerable groups who have been experiencing difficulties from the prolonged spread of COVID-19. 

Through a one-on-one fund matching grant program, the safe kit which comprises of food products, masks, hand sanitizers and other hygiene products will be given to 1,135 children. The fund will be offered to 100 low-income families for three months, 300,000 won each. 

“For our dealer partners and us, it is close to our hearts to part take in this meaningful donation to support underprivileged children and low-income families who are in urgent need during these difficult times,” said Porsche Korea CEO Holger Gerrmann. “With continuous and sincere social responsibility activities, Porsche Korea promises to continue its role as a socially responsible company by actively participating in efforts to co-prosper with the Korean society.”

In 2017, Porsche Korea built gyms for two schools and contributed 200 million won for scholarships for 10 students talented in art, music and physical education. The automaker raised the amount to 300 million to maintain and expand its campaign in 2018 and further increased its support to 649 million won for launching a new program last year.

Starting this year, Porsche Korea plans to introduce the campaign to reduce energy costs in low-income areas by installing solar panels and creating forest environments to act on its sustainability values such as carbon neutrality and a virtuous cycle of resources.

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