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[Video] Flavor chemistry behind cocoa gastronomy

The mouth-watering sweetness that originated from cocoa serves as the main component of chocolate in the modern confectionery industry. The unique bounties of rare flavors coming from the deep brown beans are undoubtedly the magic hands behind the juicy touch.

Many chocolate lovers agree -- a bite of fine chocolate can be as exquisite as a fancy truffle risotto, conveying the pleasure of tasting something truly delectable.

On Jan. 10, the world’s largest chocolate festival, “Salon du Chocolat,” kicked off in Seoul under the theme of “Taste the Art” to bring together consumers and companies under one roof in harmony.

At the fair, visitors were able to enjoy the finest sweet chocolate treats, participate in baking workshops, learn new recipes and even get tips from the greatest pastry chefs.

The organizing committee also took a fresh turn by designating Ghana as the country of honor for this year’s festival, as its sweltering heat and rain forests are famous for yielding the tastes and scents of chocolate gastronomies.

Out of the various profiles of the nation’s cacao, the most wanted and fascinating tastes bring out chocolate characteristics that have balanced levels of bitterness and sweetness and carry delicious notes like caramel and salt.

Along the same line, high-profile chefs intoned that “several bites of chocolate products should gradually glide down the throat, passing on the sweetness to the stomach” as a good mouthfeel is equally as important as the taste.

As corny as it sounds, it’s crucial to understand the hidden flavor chemistry that cocoa carries fully and to taste different ingredients used to develop the best chocolate on Earth. Likewise, grabbing some fine chocolate is much more than sheer indulgence, as it offers textures that have distinctive flavors.

Check out the video if you want to be smitten with the puzzle of flavors chocolate carries.

Video script and article by Park Jun-hee (
Video shot and edited by Park Kun-woo (