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[Best Brand] Lotte Card launches I’m DRIVING for frequent drivers

By Korea Herald

Published : Dec. 30, 2019 - 17:22

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Credit card/ Lotte Card

For customers driving long distances, Lotte Card, a major credit card company in the nation, has launched the I’m DRIVING card that offers discounts at gas stations across the country and other auto-related benefits.

Two types of the new credit card are offered -- DC One and DC All.

For the DC One type, customers can choose one of four oil retail brands -- SK Energy, GS Caltex, Hyundai Oilbank and S-Oil -- or choose either weekdays or weekends as an option, to get a discount of 5,000 won every time they spend 50,000 won or more on fuel. 

DC All offers a 5 percent discount on any value of fuel at all gas stations without users having to choose an oil retail brand.

The discount under DC One is offered once a month for customers who spend over 500,000 won with the credit card in the previous month, twice for those who spend 1 million won and three times for 1.5 million won.

DC All limits the discount to 5,000 won for customers who spend 500,000 won a month with the Lotte card, 10,000 won for 1 million won and 15,000 won for 1.5 million won.

Other benefits include a 5 percent discount on credit card payments of over 20,000 won at restaurants between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. and at convenience stores for payments over 10,000 won.

Credit card payments at parking lots, car-washing services and designated driver services on the Kakao Driver App qualify for a 5 percent discount. Theses discounts are limited to 9,000 won for those who spend 1.5 million won with the Lotte card.

Discounts are also offered for engine oil replacement and driving insurance.
“By conducting a study on drivers’ lifestyles, we brought benefits from gas discounts to auto services together. We will continuously offer services satisfactory for customers by building customer experience and analyzing big data,” said the company.

The I’m DRIVING card is offered with an annual fee of 18,000 won.