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[Best Brand] Woongjin Coway tackles fine dust with clothing purifier

By Korea Herald

Published : June 26, 2019 - 15:06

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Woongjin Coway/ Clothing purifier

South Korean water and air purifier maker Woongjin Coway unveiled a four-in-one air purifying solution in May that helps to remove fine dust residue on clothing.

The Coway Four Seasons Clothing Purifier is designed to get rid of fine dust particles or bad odor left on clothing while purifying and dehumidifying the surrounding air at the same time.

(Woongjin Coway) (Woongjin Coway)

According to the company, the purifier has a four-part system that ensures clothes come out clean and wrinkle-free.

First, the three-way Power Blowing system, equipped with two air shot ventilators, emits a powerful gush of air to remove fine dust particles from clothes.

One power air shot is located overhead, removing large particles on the outside of clothes. The other is on the body of the clothes hanger, targeting residue on the inside lining of clothes. Continuous air circulation ensures that no particles are left behind, the company said.

Next, the Dual Clean system sprays fine Nano electrolyzed water onto the clothing, absorbing and removing odor and leftover dust particles. The Nano water leaves the material of clothing intact, according to Woongjin Coway.

Next, the clothes are dried at a low temperature with the Air Dry system, which features dehumidifying technology that uses a heat pump to transfer heat energy from the clothes.

Unlike conventional tumble dryers that continuously roll clothes, the Coway Four Seasons Clothing Purifier’s Air Dry system ensures that no buttons or accessories are damaged in the drying process.

In addition, the Air Dry system could be useful in rainy seasons during which dryers are handy.

Lastly, continuous air circulation provided by the Air Smoothing system gives the clothes a final cleanse.

Furthermore, the machine’s air purifying and dehumidifying systems allow users to manage the air quality and humidity indoors.

Woongjin Coway provides users of its clothing purifier rental service with machine inspections every four months so that the purifiers are kept in an optimal condition.