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Han Sung Motors offers ‘residual value guarantee’

Han Sung Motors will run a residual value guarantee program for Mercedes-AMG certified secondhand vehicles, according to the company on Friday.

The program launched by the largest dealer of Mercedes-Benz in South Korea makes it the first company to offer such a program, according to company officials.

(Han Sung Motors)
(Han Sung Motors)

Customers who buy an AMG-certified secondhand car from Han Sung Motors can have up to 90 percent of the purchase price guaranteed upon reselling after some six months of use, and 80 percent for a year.

For those who buy a vehicle via the promotion, additional benefits include a free consumable parts exchange during the sign-up period.

The program is offered on a first-come basis for 100 customers and is designed for those on a short car replacement cycle or seeking to experience diverse AMG vehicles, the company said.

Han Sung Motors will operate the promotion until March 31.

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