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Paik Nam-june's iconic video installation unplugged due to safety concern

An iconic video installation by media artist Paik Nam-june (1932-2006) has been turned off due to safety concerns, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art said Thursday.

The MMCA said it has unplugged the late visionary artist's video work titled "The More The Better" after a safety check by the Korea Electrical Safety Corporation warned of a fire risk.

"Old monitors are the biggest concern," said an official from the museum. "We have considered replacing them, but that doesn't seem like enough to fix the problems."


The 18-meter-tall media tower consisting of 1,003 screens was installed on the lobby of the museum's Gwacheon branch on Sept. 15, 1988.

For the past 30 years, the museum has consistently maintained the work. The maintenance, however, has become increasingly tricky as some of the electric parts have been discontinued. In 2003, all the monitors were replaced with new ones.

The museum said it was seeking advice from experts in and out of the country on how to preserve the historic work of the pioneer of video and multimedia art.(Yonhap)