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Son Ga-in claims boyfriend‘s friend suggested marijuana

By Hong Dam-young

Published : June 4, 2017 - 18:35

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Singer Son Ga-in of Brown Eyed Girls dropped shocking news that a friend of her boyfriend Joo Ji-hoon had suggested she use marijuana.
(Son Ga-in`s Instagram) (Son Ga-in`s Instagram)

Son took to Instagram Sunday to reveal a photo that screen-captured messages between her and a man surnamed Park, whom she identified as Joo’s friend and the person who suggested she smoke marijuana. Along with the photo, she also posted a lengthy letter that fiercely accused Park of offering her the product.

In the letter, Son said that her boyfriend Joo was punished in the past for using drugs and said Park suggested the singer use marijuana because of her relationship with Joo.

“I almost accepted it, because my mind wasn’t in a good place at that time. But I have been keeping my nose clean, which is the reason why I will never go near marijuana until it becomes legal.”

Calling it a last warning to Park, she also wrote, “I’m already being treated with legal morphine to cure my disease. If you want to smoke, you should either just do it and go behind bars, or get really sick like me and get some drugs. This is my last warning, and if you do it again, I will destroy you.” 

(Son Ga-in`s Instagram) (Son Ga-in`s Instagram)
Son wrapped up the letter saying she wasn’t afraid of the potential repercussions of her postings and that she would voluntarily receive a drug test every three months to prove she is substance-free.

Son has not been seen in public since May 23 due to health problems, according to her agency. The agency had said she was hospitalized and was unable to carry out activities, but didn‘t elaborate. As rumors rose that she was hiding from public due to her pregnancy, Son recently shared on her Instagram that she has been suffering from pneumonia, accompanied by anxiety disorder and insomnia.

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