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North Korea using THAAD to incite antagonism toward S. Korea: report

By 이다영

Published : Aug. 30, 2016 - 22:28

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North Korea is using Seoul's decision to deploy an advanced antimissile system on its soil to intensify hostility toward South Korea, a media report citing sources in the reclusive country said Tuesday.

A source in North Hamgyong Province told Radio Free Asia (RFA) that North Korea's propaganda machine has harshly criticized Seoul's decision to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system.

According to the RFA, the source said lectures to the public include the claim that the development of THAAD is a blatant attempt to trigger a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula.

The source said that Pyongyang has blasted the South Korean government for pushing for regime change in North Korea and even argued it launched what it called "decapitation operations" targeting top North Korean leaders.

Another source in North Pyongyang Province said North Korean authorities have been conducting intensive, organized lectures for the public that say, "The (South Korean) enemies are launching operations to demolish the North Korean regime by harming the dignity, autonomy and right to live of North Koreans."

Over the past decades, North Korea has driven its people and party members into an anti-imperialist frenzy whenever it needs internal consolidation, RFA said, adding that the reclusive country is trying to create a tense situation internally as well as on the Korean Peninsula.

South Korea and the United States said that the THAAD antimissile system will counter North Korea's growing missile capabilities.

North Korea's military has said that its army will deal a ruthless retaliatory strike and turn (the South) into a sea of fire and a pile of ashes because of the missile system.

Pyongyang also said in a statement on Tuesday that the deployment of the THAAD symbolizes South Korea's subservience to the United States.

North Korea urged South Koreans to join forces to fight against the President Park Geun-hye regime as well as the U.S. military stationed in Seoul.

Pyongyang has been repeatedly making statements encouraging South Koreans to oppose their government.(Yonhap)