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[Graphic News] Half of salaried workers earn less than W2m a month

Nearly half of salaried workers in Korea take home less than 2 million won ($1,754) a month, with the proportion rising to over 80 percent in restaurant and hospitality businesses, data showed.

According to Statistics Korea, the ratio of workers with monthly pay under 2 million won came in at 47.4 percent at the end of last year, continuing its steady decline from 50.7 percent in 2013 and 49.5 percent in 2014.

Those earning less than 1 million won account for 12.4 percent, while 35 percent belong to the bracket of monthly pay between 1 million won and 2 million won.

By industry, agriculture, forestry and fishery had the highest ratio of workers earning under 2 million won, at 83.8 percent, followed by restaurant and lodging at 81.4 percent.

In restaurant and lodging, 32.4 percent of workers earn less than 1 million. Only 4.3 percent take home 3 million won or more.