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[팟캐스트](103) 일본 방위백서 비난 외 1건

By Ahn Sung-mi

Published : July 22, 2015 - 17:38

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진행자: 송상호, Paul Kerry

1. 한국, 일본 독도 영유권 주장 항의

기사요약: 한국정부는 일본이 11년 연속으로 방위백서에 독도 영유권 주장을 포함하자 일본대사관 고위 관리를 불러와 강력히 항의했다. 정부는 일본이 독도 영유권 주장을 삭제하고 바로잡아줄 것을 요구했고, 일본의 “부당한” 주장은 앞으로 한일관계에 악영향을 줄 수 있다고 경고했다.

Seoul condemns Tokyo’s renewed claim to Dokdo

[1] South Korea strongly protested Japan’s repeated claim to its easternmost islets of Dokdo in Tokyo’s 2015 defense white paper on Tuesday, demanding “rectification” and warning of a negative impact on the bilateral relationship.

*protest: 항의하다, 시위하다
*lodge: 제기하다, 제출하다/ 하숙하다, …에 머무르다 (lodge a complaint: 불만을 제기하다)
*white paper: 백서
*rectification: 시정 (rectify: 시정하다, 바로잡다)

[2] Seoul’s condemnation came right after Tokyo’s annual defense policy paper was presented to its Cabinet. Tokyo has included its sovereignty claim on Dokdo, called Takeshima in Japan, in its white paper for 11 consecutive years.

*condemnation: 비난 (=criticism, censure, denunciation, rebuke, reproach)
*present: 제출하다, 발표하다
*cabinet: 내각 (cabinet members: 각료)
*consecutive: 연속의 (=straight, successive)

[3] Seoul’s ministries of foreign affairs and defense called in senior officials from the Japanese Embassy in Seoul to lodge a protest against the white paper.

*call in: 불러들이다, 초치하다


2. 휴가철 해변가 성범죄 기승

기사요약: 휴가철 해변가 성범죄가 기승을 부리고 있다. 상대방의 동의 없이 수영복 차림의 몸 사진을 몰래 찍다가 적발되는 사례를 포함해서 성범죄가 폭행과 절도에 이어 세 번째로 빈번하게 발생하는 범죄인 것으로 드러났고, 경찰은 휴가철 범죄 단속을 강화하고 있다.

Sexual harassment on beaches remain tricky to tackle

[1] 2013, police arrested a high school student for taking intrusive pictures of a woman’s body from a distance using his smartphone. The 17-year-old had been hiding under a large parasol on a beach in Boryeong, South Chungcheong Province, and took pictures of the woman swimming in the ocean wearing a swimsuit using his phone’s zoom feature.

*arrest: 체포하다 (capture, apprehend, nab)
*intrusive: 거슬리는, 침범의 (intrude: 침범하다 intrusion: 침범)
*take pictures: 사진을 찍다

[2] The teen was caught by one of the police officers on patrol at the time. But the victim, an 18-year-old female student, had no idea that she had been observed and photographed without her consent.

*on patrol: 순찰 중인
*observe: 관찰하다. 준수하다, 기념하다 (observation: 관찰 observance: 준수)
*have no idea: 전혀 모르다.
*consent: 동의

[3] Among some 940 crime cases that have occurred on beaches in the summer over the last three years, sex crimes, including filming or taking pictures of someone’s body parts without consent, were the third most frequent violation, following physical assaults and thefts.

*crime case: 범죄 사건
*occur: 발생하다 (happen, take place)
*frequent: 빈번한
*violation: 위반 (=offense=breach)
*assault: 폭행
*theft: 절도