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Suzy and Miss A return

By Korea Herald

Published : March 31, 2015 - 19:30

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The unexpected news that mega celebrities Suzy and hallyu star Lee Min-ho are dating has been all the buzz in the local entertainment industry this past week.

Exactly one week since the story broke, K-pop star Suzy returned to the stage Monday alongside the other members of Miss A, to promote the album “Colors,” the act’s first EP in more than a year.

Despite Miss A reigning at the top of the charts with its latest single, “Only You,” during a press conference at the Seoul Olympic Park’s K-Art Hall on Monday, all eyes were on Suzy. 

The members of Miss A perform at a showcase for the group’s latest album, “Colors,” at the Seoul Olympic Park’s K-Art Hall on Monday. (Yonhap) The members of Miss A perform at a showcase for the group’s latest album, “Colors,” at the Seoul Olympic Park’s K-Art Hall on Monday. (Yonhap)

“I’m sorry for keeping you busy last week,” Suzy said, referring to her romantic revelations. “Today’s conference is about Miss A’s return after 17 months (away), and today I would like to focus on our new album and music.”

However, before diverting everyone’s attention to the group’s latest album, Suzy shed a little insight on what attracted her to Lee and the time they spent together in London recently, where they were spotted together on a date.

“He seemed like a very considerate and warm person, and that was what drew me to him,” Suzy said. “We both had schedules for photo shoots in London that coincided with each other so we were able to meet up. But we didn’t do anything particularly special, we drove around and we ate ... just like what any normal couple does.”

Having somewhat fed the public’s curiosity regarding the status of her relationship, the starlet went on to reveal her excitement about returning to the music scene, with the members revealing that one of the reasons it took them so long to unveil their new tracks was because they were waiting for the perfect songs ― even to the point of turning down one of JYP’s own compositions.

“It took us 17 months to come out with this album because we were looking for the best title song,” Min explained. “Park Jin-young wrote a song for us, but it still didn’t feel right. So we just kept waiting for this song (‘Only You’), which gave us a good vibe.”

The move appears to have paid off, as Miss A’s lead single “Only You,” topped the local online music charts just hours after its release.

The six-track EP also includes the singles “One Step,” “Love Song,” “Melting,” “Stuck” and the pop dance single, “I Caught Ya,” with Suzy taking a stab at lyric writing.

“I keep a diary these days, and I wanted to express how I was feeling through lyrics,” she said.

The members of Miss A are slated to perform the tracks from their new album on TV’s “M! Countdown” this Thursday.

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