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[Herald Interview] TNT Korea eyes growth in medical logistics service

TNT Korea, the South Korean subsidiary of global express delivery company TNT, is pushing ahead with its clinical express service as its core business amid the growing importance of Korea’s health care sector.

“TNT Korea was a pioneer in bio and health care delivery service in Korea. It has seen double-digit growth every year since it started the service in early 2000s,” Kim Jong-chul, managing director of TNT Korea told The Korea Herald.

TNT’s clinical express service offers a specialized temperature-controlled and time-sensitive transportation of bio and pharmaceutical products such as vaccines and blood samples.

“The global express and logistics services market is closely engaged with country’s industry policies and its trade partners,” he said.
Kim Jong-chul, managing director of TNT Korea. (TNT Korea)
Kim Jong-chul, managing director of TNT Korea. (TNT Korea)

Established in 1983, TNT Korea has been part of the nation’s economic boom in 1980s and 90s when the country’s main export items were wigs and textiles.

Now the majority of products that the firm delivers are IT products, health care devices and automobile parts, said the CEO, who has been working for the company since 1993.

With the global health-related market showing rapid growth in recent years, the bio and drug delivery services have emerged as the new growth engine of international express delivery companies.

The Dutch parcel delivery company TNT’s clinical express service was first launched in Singapore when Quintiles Laboratory ordered the firm to deliver a blood sample for new drug development in 2001.

TNT Korea began the health care delivery service the following year as TNT’s second Asian subsidiary.

“A survey conducted by a third-party this year showed high customer satisfaction and loyalty in the company’s health care service,” Kim said.

In 2010, TNT Korea established TNT Healthcare Center in Seoul, equipped with high-tech monitoring systems, to not only distribute biomedical samples, drugs and medical equipment but also to store and manage them.

Its comprehensive transport solution for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals is the result of TNT Korea’s long-standing plan to meet its medical, pharmaceutical and biotech customers’ needs.

“Our employees are showing strong dedication and commitment as delivering biomedical samples and drugs are directly involved with people’s lives,” Kim said.

“The essence of international express delivery service is not about how many trucks the company possesses. Even though you have a broad network to transport vast goods, to make the network alive you need people and trust.”

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