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DaeGukNamA goes ‘Rilla’ in last-ditch album

By Korea Herald

Published : Oct. 15, 2014 - 20:30

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Five-member K-pop boy band DaeGukNamA is returning to the stage in jungle fashion and showing off the group’s animalistic side with its latest EP “Rilla Go!”

Under the concept of “bring out your animal instinct,” Hyunmin, Jay, Karam, Injun and Mika have slapped on some face paint and channeled their inner warriors with the release the group’s latest four-track EP on Wednesday.

The group’s latest “Rilla Go!” album marks the fifth EP release from DGNA since debuting in 2010. However, after four years, the act has failed to capture much attention, with the members admittedly still looking for that one single that has what it takes to truly launch the group to success.

Taking another stab at capturing the attention of the masses, the members performed two of their newest singles ― “Shine” and title track “Rilla Go!” ― to members of the press for the first time on Wednesday at Rolling Hall in Seoul. 
DaeGukNamA. (Poom Entertainment) DaeGukNamA. (Poom Entertainment)

“This new album definitely has an animalistic and wild jungle characteristic to it and it is very different from anything that we have released in the past,” said Jay during a press conference held after the group’s showcase.

Now with their fifth official release, the members hope that the changes to their music and style are just what is needed for the group to finally make it to the top of the charts.

“Honestly, in the past we heard from people about whether or not our presence on stage genuinely reflected our personalities and the type of music we wanted to pursue,” Hyunmin explained when asked what sparked the group’s decision to take on a new conceptual route.

“People have commentated that we sort of look unconformable on stage with our music and that we didn’t seem to be completely satisfied,” he added.

“So with this album we decided to take some control. We personally selected our new animal concept and costumes. Our new album is also special because for the first time, we participated in the lyric writing and composing process because we really wanted to show the public who we are as a team.”

DGNA’s new EP, which was released to the public on Wednesday, is dropping nearly one year after its previous album “Chapter II.” After a seemingly lackluster return to the music scene last year, the guys stated that they had serious questions as to whether or not they should continue in the industry.

“For this return, we really questioned our future and the direction that we needed to head,” said Karam. “We all thought of this as our last time to show people who we are and the music that best represents us.”

“We have really been struggling emotionally as of late. Many of us had thoughts of whether or not this could be our last chance, our last time together,” Injun added. “This is one of the reasons why we spent a lot more time than normal on producing this new album.”

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