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8 things debt-free people do

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Published : Feb. 10, 2014 - 17:54

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Amid growing concern over snowballing debt at home and abroad, it might be useful to note down eight habits that debt-free people commonly share.

To live debt free, you might have to shed your current bad habits and take on constructive ones.  

Business Insider, the U.S. business and technology news website, offered eight tips to live debt-free.

1. They pay attention to details 

Debt-free people keep close track of personal finances. They monitor how much they earn, how much they save and how much they invest.

2. They pretend they make less 

Those without debt live on less than they make. This, in turn, enables them to put money aside for buying a house, retirement or emergencies.

3. They think long-term 

Debt-free people think twice before buying something, which allows them to make smarter decisions. Long-term thinking about spending can also prevent impulse purchases.

4. They aren’t afraid to ask 

To get rid of debt, ask for help whether it is lower interest rates or forgiveness for late payment. If you know someone who has met a financial milestone you admire, don‘t be afraid to ask how.

5. They save

Another common trait debt-free people have is saving money. Make it a habit to put some money into the bank account on a regular basis, just like you pay the rent every month. Adding even small amounts will give you more financial freedom later.

6. They set goals

Setting a specific goal for saving money is also important as this helps you know what you are striving for.

7. They say no

You should learn how to say no to avoid sitting on a mountain of debt. Saying no to smaller expenses can add up to big savings. Host a potluck dinner instead of eating out at posh restaurant.

8. They value experiences over stuff

To free yourself from debt, value experiences more than snatching stuff only to catch up with the latest trend. Think about whether you would be better off working late and buying stuff by sacrificing valuable time with your family.

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