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‘Varyd’ designs help label stand out

By Korea Herald

Published : Jan. 7, 2014 - 20:33

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Some of the designs available on ( Some of the designs available on (

Online fashion label Varyd brings together different styles under one name with the aim of empowering people.

The label was set up by Vanessa Burke and Rydia Kim in June, selling T-shirts, tank tops and dresses with designs provided by the three main designers of the label: The two founders and Rock san, an award-winning artist.

Varyd, which is pronounced like “varied” and is a combination of the two women’s names, was founded as a women’s fashion label, but included a male fashion line soon after.

Its main appeal is that it unites very different artist styles under one label.

Burke is heavily influenced by tattoo themes and animals, in which she deals with themes like evanescence and mysticism. This gives her work a tough undertone.

On the other hand, Kim says her own designs are more “fragile and minimalistic.” Her motifs show adolescent boys and girls in slim lines, as Kim focuses on simplistic facial features. The drawings lay emphasis on fragility and display the innocent side of youth.

Rock san goes a completely different path from the two women. Focusing on man and animals, his work engages in naturalistic themes and is influenced heavily by traditional Asian landscape drawings, incorporating cherry blossoms and bamboo trees.

Varyd designs, executes and produces its whole line in Korea.

The fashion label has its roots in Asia, but targets an international audience with its broad variety of styles through online distribution, in an attempt to break stereotypical opinions about the Korean culture.

Kim and Burke started the campaign “Disruptive Voices,” in which they discuss topics such as minority rights to empower people to speak more openly about sensitive themes. The clothing line allows the campaign to be identified with a brand.

Furthermore, Varyd challenges typical ideas of beauty that are dominant in Asia, by using all kinds of models for its website, said Rydia Kim.

“We have female models of different backgrounds, male models, plus-size models and are currently searching for elderly models,” said Kim.

The initial line includes sleeveless shirts, standard T-shirts and long-sleeve T-shirts.

“For next month, we are planning to expand the line with skirts and pants,” said Rydia Kim.

The label uses white, black, red and purple fabrics, with prints in several colors including white, black and gold. The prices range from $22 to $84.

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