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Imposter poses as Tiger JK’s manager

By Korea Herald

Published : Oct. 15, 2013 - 19:04

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Tiger JK. FeelGhood Music Tiger JK. FeelGhood Music
An imposter posing as hip-hop star Tiger JK’s manager has wreaked havoc on the singer’s scheduling, causing the artist to be unable to book shows and leading to the circulation of harmful rumors.

“We originally thought that we weren’t getting booked for shows because we were just a small label. We just started out so we don’t even have a separate team that handles promotions and communications,” Tiger JK’s manager said in a phone call with The Korea Herald on Tuesday.

“But we realized that someone was deliberately posing as Tiger JK’s manager and doing those harmful things.”

Tiger JK, together with his wife Yoon Mi-rae and rapper Bizzy split from their previous agency Jungle Entertainment in July. Together the three established an independent label Feel Ghood Music. The label operates with only two other staff members in addition to the three artists, with Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-rae personally handling the label’s official Twitter and Facebook pages.

Approximately a month has passed since the three artists put out their new album, “The Cure.” Although the tracks off of the album are doing well, gaining spots on major music charts, the group was clueless as to why they weren’t able to schedule any big gigs or interviews.

It was through their friends that the group learned about the imposter.

“We could feel that people were looking at us in a negative way, but we didn’t know why. Then we heard from several of our friends that bad rumors about our group were spreading. Soon, through the rumors, we were able to learn that someone had been posing as the manager for Tiger JK, making a bad name for us as well as hindering the group from performing on stages,” the manager said.

After having heard enough rumors, Tiger JK decided to address people through his Twitter account and Facebook page. He tweeted Monday that someone was posing as his manager, and that anyone who waned to get in touch with him should go through the office phone number listed on Feel Ghood Music’s website.

The group is currently in the process of trying to learn more about the imposter.

“Because we only heard about the imposter through rumors, it’s difficult to pinpoint who the culprit is. We’re in the process of investigating the situation,” the manager said.

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