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Alienated teenager kills uncle, injures seven other relatives

By 문예빈

Published : March 3, 2013 - 13:12

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A jobless teenager went on a knife rampage at his grandfather's house in Gwangju on Sunday, killing his uncle and injuring seven others, including his grandparents, police said.

The 19-year-old man, identified only by his surname Kim, surrendered to police after the spree and told investigators that he stabbed his relatives shortly after midnight Saturday for having ignored and insulted his "poor" parents at family gatherings, according to the Gwangsan Police Station.

At the scene of knife rampage, a younger brother of Kim's father was found dead with a fatal knife injury to the neck, police said. Seven other relatives, including his grandfather, grandmother and his father's elder sister, had also been stabbed but the injuries were not fatal, they added.

Kim and his father attended a birthday party for the 75-year-old grandfather at the latter's home on Saturday evening, police said, adding the teenager got enraged after learning later that his mother stayed away from the party for fear of being ignored by her relatives.

Kim's disabled father is a day laborer, while Kim himself is jobless after graduating from high school last year. He insisted that his parents have been frequently ignored and abused by their relatives for being poor.

The teenager returned to his grandfather's home about 10 minutes after midnight Saturday before going on the knife rampage, police said. (Yonhap News)

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삼촌外 친척 칼부림한 패륜아, 진실은..

지난 일요일 한 10대 청소년은 광주에 있는 할아버지 집에서 삼촌을 흉기로 찔러 살해하고 7명의 친척들에게 상처를 입힌 혐의로 경찰에 소환되었다.

김모(19)군은 토요일 자정 즈음 삼촌이 평소 아버지가 못 배우고 돈이 없다는 이유로 무시하고 어머니에게 욕설과 폭행을 일삼아 불만을 품어 칼을 휘둘렀다고 조사관에게 진술했다.

경찰에 따르면 숨진 김모군의 삼촌은 목 부근에 상해를 입어 죽어있는 상태로 발견되었다. 할아버지, 할머니와 고모를 비롯한 7명의 친척들 또한 흉기에 상해를 입었지만 목숨은 건졌다고 경찰은 덧붙였다.

김군과 김군의 가족은 할아버지의 75살 생신 잔치에 참석하기 위해 광주로 토요일 저녁 내려갔다. 김군은 자신의 어머니가 친척들로부터 무시를 당할 것이 두려워 자리를 피한 것을 알고서 격노해 이와 같은 범행을 저질렀다고 밝혔다.

김군의 아버지는 장애를 가진 일용직 근무자이며 김군은 고등학교를 졸업한 후 현재 무직 상태이다. 그는 자신의 부모님이 가난하다는 이유로 친척들에게 지속적으로 무시당했다고 주장했다. (코리아헤럴드)