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Police called to apartment over video game

By Korea Herald

Published : Jan. 30, 2013 - 13:04

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This photo is not directly related to the story. (AP) This photo is not directly related to the story. (AP)

Police in Sweden raided an apartment after receiving a report of gunfire and cries of help only to find several teenagers playing a computer game.

The teenagers were playing the game “Call of Duty Saturday” night when one of the boy’s characters was killed after being shot several times and was left laying on the floor, screaming “help, help, help,” Swedish news agency TT reported.

Passersby heard the game and thought it was real and called police.

A 10-person police unit was dispatched to the apartment and carried out a raid there, forcing the boys outside.

After the teenagers were out of the apartment, they were able to explain to the police that they were just playing a game.

Police left the apartment without taking anyone into custody or writing any citations. (UPI)

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옆집 "살려달라" 절규, 알고보니...

스웨덴 경찰이 아파트에서 총격과 비명소리가 들린다는 행인의 신고를 받고 조사에 나섰으나 10대들이 하던 컴퓨터 게임에서 나오던 소리로 드러났다.

해당 10대들은 "콜오브듀티새터데이(Call of Duty Saturday)"라는 게임을 하던 중이었다. 게임 속 인물들은 서로 총을 쏴 죽이고, 총을 맞으면 바닥에 쓰러져 "살려줘!"라고 외친다. 이는 스웨덴 통신사 TT가 보도했다.

행인은 게임 소리를 듣고 이것을 실제 상황으로 오인했다.

출동한 경찰 10명은 집안을 습격했다. 이에 해당 소년들이 집 밖으로 나와 상황을 설명한 것으로 밝혀졌다.

경찰은 소환이나 보호감찰 등의 아무런 조치 없이 현장을 떠났다. (코리아헤럴드)