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NCL Environ eyes global growth with ‘77’ cleaning product

By Park Hyung-ki

Published : May 24, 2012 - 19:33

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NCL Environ is looking to expand overseas with its newly developed product “NCL 77.”

The Korean industrial cleaning solution firm is a subsidiary of the U.S.-based National Chemical Laboratories.

It said that the Korean company had received interest from countries such as China, Japan and Australia for product dealership and cleaning services. NCL Environ plans not only to provide its cleaning product and services but also NCL’s chemical products to its overseas potential clients through franchisers and agents.

NCL 77, which is made of nonconductor solution, allows enterprises to clean their electric power and communication equipment without causing short circuits or overheating. It can also help companies reduce operation errors on equipment, it claimed.

It noted that 28 percent of fire accidents are caused by dust and dirt gathered on high-voltage equipment, which can lead to malfunctions and shorten the life spans of industrial machines. This is followed by cigarettes, which cause 11 percent of fires.
CEO Song Myung-ju CEO Song Myung-ju

CEO Song Myung-ju of NCL Environ presented idea of the product to its U.S. parent company and was given approval to be the exclusive worldwide supplier of NCL 77, the company said. NCL Environ has been NCL’s Korean agent since 1991.

NCL 77’s safety has been certified by the Korea Institute of Petroleum Quality and the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute. NCL Environ has provided its industrial cleaning services to companies such as SK Telecom, KEPCO, KORAIL and Korean Air.