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Actor-singer Ryu in divorce proceedings

By 박한나

Published : April 9, 2012 - 17:28

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Korean entertainer Ryu Si-won (The Korea Herald) Korean entertainer Ryu Si-won (The Korea Herald)

Korean entertainer and race car driver Ryu Si-won was reported on Monday to have filed for divorce.

Local dailies reported Monday that Ryu’s wife had filed for divorce on March 22, seeking to end the couple’s 18-month marriage.

The reasons for the split have not been disclosed.

On Monday, Ryu canceled the annual pre-race event for his team, EXR Team 106, scheduled for April 17. R’s Company, Ryu’s entertainment firm, explained that the cancellation was due to personal matters.

R’s Company said through a press release that Ryu has not yet reached any decisions and that the couple may avoid a divorce if they can talk through the matter in a mature manner.

Ryu ended the three-year hiatus in his acting career with Channel A’s new weekday TV drama, “Goodbye My Wife,” scheduled to air starting May 7.

Ryu married in October 2010 and the couple’s daughter was born in January 2011. 

By Chung Joo-won


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류시원 이혼위기.."가정 지키겠다"

'한류 프린스' 배우 류시원이 결혼 2년 만에 파경 위기를 맞았다.

류시원의 부인 조모(31)씨는 지난달 22일 서울가정법원에 이혼조정신청서를 낸 것으로 9일 알려졌다. 이혼 사유는 전해지지 않았으며 조정신청서만 접수된 상태다.

한편, 소속사는 이날 오후 보도자료를 내고 "류씨는 아직 이혼에 관해 부인과 합의한 바 없다"며 "끝까지 대화로 가정을 지키고자 하는 강한 의지가 있다"고 공식 입장을 전했다.

류시원은 2010년 10월 부인 조씨와 결혼해 지난해 1월 딸을 얻었다.