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Blizzard announces May 15 release of Diablo 3


Published : March 18, 2012 - 15:30

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Blizzard Entertainment announced Sunday that its global release of the firm’s popular action role-playing online game, Diablo 3, will take place on May 15.

Mike Morhaime, chief executive and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment, told local media that he felt Korea’s strong response following the announcement of Diablo 3 release date and that it is in the final development stage for better game play and language customization.

However, the company decided to leave out the cash auction house function from the Korean server until it receives authorization from the state Game Rating Board. The cash auction house function enables game players to sell and buy game items using cash -- a function which may have prevented it from releasing the online game in the country in May.

Reservations for Diablo 3, available in two different versions -- DVD and digital -- can be made on the company’s website.

In the meantime, questions surrounding the launch of a console game version of the newest Diablo still remain to be answered.

Jay Wilson, game director for Diablo 3, told reporters at game trade show G-Star in Busan last November that the firm was in the process of servicing a console game version of Diablo 3 through the establishment of an internal group at Blizzard.

Stating that the group includes a lead designer and a lead programmer, the company planned to put more effort into the development with the finalization of Diablo 3’s launch, according to Wilson.

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'디아블로3' 5월 출시…아이템 현금거래는 보류

블리자드엔터테인먼트(블리자드)는 5월  15일부 터 '디아블로 3'을 전 세계 동시 출시한다고 18일 밝혔다.

디아블로 3에는 게임 안에서 현금을 이용해 아이템을 사고파는 '현금 경매장' 

기능이 추가돼 국내 도입을 두고 한차례 논란이 일었다.

블리자드는 게임물등급위원회의 승인을 받을 때까지 한국서버에서 현금 경매장 기능을 빼고 게임 내 금화로만 경매장을 운영할 계획이다.

디아블로 3는 DVD 버전과 디지털 버전으로 판매되며 디지털 버전은 블리자드 홈 페이지에서 구매 예약할 수 있다.