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Arirang TV expands news, current affairs programming

By Claire Lee

Published : Feb. 28, 2012 - 18:40

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Arirang TV, an English-language network based in Seoul, is revamping its news and entertainment programs starting March 5, in hopes of promoting Korea and its culture to a wider international audience.

“Many countries around the world promote themselves through their English-language news shows, including Japan’s NHK World, Russia Today, China’s CCTV News and France24,” said Sohn Jie-ae, president and CEO of the state-run, English-language station.

“In Korea, K-culture, which goes beyond K-pop, accounts for a huge part of its nation branding. Our program revamp this time is focusing on those two trends, K-culture and nation branding.”

Starting March 5, Arirang’s live news shows will be broadcast 12 times a day, instead of the current nine. Each news show will be longer, expanding from 15 minutes to 30 minutes starting March 5.

A total of three current affairs shows will be newly launched. “Korea Today” will be broadcast at 7 a.m. every morning except Sundays. The show will consist of stories on today’s economy, current affairs, sports, as well as arts and style, including Seoul’s hot tourist spots and shopping destinations.

Another new show, titled “In the Newsroom,” will be broadcast at 7:30 a.m., every Saturday. Viewers will get a glimpse of Arirang TV’s newsroom, and how working reporters generate their story ideas and develop them into news stories for television. Viewers will have a chance to learn about what’s going on behind the camera, and what process it takes to produce a news show.

“In Focus,” “Now in North Korea” and “Economix Korea,” 30-minute talk shows, will be combined into a one-hour show titled “Insight.” With MC Angela Park on the lead, the show will talk about various themes in contemporary Korea, including issues on culture, economy and North Korea.

“The INNERview,” another talk show that’s being launched, will have TV personality Susan Macdonald as its host. Most of the show’s interviews will take place outside the studio where its guests ― K-pop stars, actors and actresses and ambassadors ― are doing their work.

For its entertainment lineup, two K-music shows will be launched for gugak, or traditional Korean music, and Korean rock ‘n’ roll ― “The Sensation” and “Rock on, Korea!” ― while three of its on-going K-pop shows have been strengthened with new segments and hosts.

By Claire Lee