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Yoko Ono traveling to India for ‘inspiration’

NEW DELHI (AFP) ― Yoko Ono believes Bollywood has a lot to teach the world and says she will be looking for “inspiration” in India when she holds an exhibition here next month.

The avant-garde artist, musician and widow of Beatles singer John Lennon will visit New Delhi for an art show that opens on Jan. 13.

The Japanese-born Ono, 78, told the Hindustan Times newspaper in an email interview from her New York home that she hoped to get more out of her coming trip than on a previous India visit she made with Lennon.

“The visit in the past was just to appreciate and enjoy India’s land and culture ― this time I am coming for encouragement and inspiration,” she said.

All the Beatles had visited India in 1968 to attend a transcendental meditation course led by the mystic Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

“(After) the famous visit he made with his three friends, John and I later visited India just by ourselves, and loved it,” she said.

Her art exhibition, “Our Beautiful Daughters,” is being hosted by the private Vadehra Art Gallery and runs until March 10.

“It is a special new installation for India by Ms. Ono that is a homage to Indian women ― their strength,” gallery director Parul Vadehra told AFP.

The show will also include an archive of her music, movies and work with Lennon, as well as a performance by the artist herself.

“I will be doing music as well. I am hoping that I can do it with Indian musicians,” Ono said.

Last year, her Plastic Ono Band, formed in 1969 while Lennon was alive, performed with entertainers such as Lady Gaga, Eric Clapton and others.

One area that Ono is keen to explore is Bollywood cinema.

“Just as we learnt a lot of things from Hollywood films for ages, I think the world will learn many things from Indian films about truth, justice and freedom,” Ono told the newspaper.