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Police probe alleged ex-Miss Korea sex tape

By Korea Herald

Published : Dec. 7, 2011 - 18:57

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Police are looking into a sex video and photos which allegedly show a former Miss Korea with her ex-boyfriend.

The alleged victim, who now works as a TV presenter, filed a claim against a blogger Tuesday for uploading the video online, the police said.

The three-minute video shows a woman, who appears to be the presenter, in a sexual act with a man whose face is not shown.

The video and other photos, including a passport photo of her, quickly spread online after appearing on the blog Sunday.

The person who posted the video and images claimed to be friend of the presenter’s ex-boyfriend. He wrote that he could no longer stand her “hurting other people with her self-indulgence and selfishness.”

He noted the video was filmed while the former Miss Korea lived with her ex-boyfriend.

The blogger also revealed that his friend was beaten up by thugs hired by the woman’s brother as he threatened to speak out about their relationship.

“Her brother locked my friend up, beat him and also forced him to write a pledge in blood,” he wrote. He also claimed that the presenter had an abortion.

Police are investigating the person who uploaded the video and photos. They are also looking into the origin of the files.

They said the woman’s attorney filed a complaint against the blogger for spreading false rumors, but did not reveal whether or not the woman in the footage is the former Miss Korea as claimed.

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