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Apple wins extension on Samsung tablet ban

Apple Inc. won a one-week extension to a ban on Samsung Electronics Co. releasing its latest tablet computer in Australia.

High Court Justice Dyson Heydon extended a ban on sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Dec. 9, when the court will consider Apple’s request for permission to appeal a lower court ruling that ordered the ban lifted.

The Australian dispute is part of a battle between the companies on at least four continents that began in April, when Apple sued Samsung in the U.S. and accused it of “slavishly” copying the designs of iPhones and iPads.

The patent disputes began when Samsung released its Android-based Galaxy smartphones in 2010. Steve Jobs, the co founder of Apple who died Oct. 5, initiated contact with Samsung in July 2010 over his concerns that the Galaxy phones copied the iPhone, according to Richard Lutton, Apple’s patent attorney, who testified in Sydney on Sept. 29.

Samsung was the world’s biggest maker of smartphones in the last quarter, with Apple being second. The maker of Mac computers dominates the tablet market. (Bloomberg)


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애플의 반격.. 호주서 삼성 갤럭시탭 소송 상고

재판부 "오는 9일 심리"…갤럭시탭 판매 당분간 어려워

애플이 삼성전자의 태블릿PC 갤럭시 탭 10.1의 판매를 허용한 호주법원 항소심 판결에 불복, 2일(현지시간) 연방대법원에 상고 했다.

애플은 이날 오전 변호사를 통해 연방대법원에 상고장을 제출했다.

상고심 재판부는 오는 9일 심리를 열 예정이다.

이에 따라 삼성전자의 갤럭시 탭 10.1 판매는 당분간 어렵게 됐다.