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‘Creative Korea’ is the future

“Creative Korea is a slogan that I have thought of for the future of Korea,” said Kim Young-se, who is regarded as a rock star of design in Korea.

Speaking with The Korea Herald at iDEA Herald Design Forum in Seoul on Thursday, chief of Inno Design Kim said that the conference had a deeper meaning than just the designers as individuals.

“The meaning of the conference, is not just about myself as a designer, but is for the country and its national brand,” said Kim.

Moderating in front of a jam-packed house, Kim was impressed by the caliber of the conference and the passion that the younger Korean crowd had for design. 
Kim Young-se
Kim Young-se

“I feel like this forum was the small seed that could grow into something so much better,” said Kim, adding that the conference was led by a passionate group of designers.

“The people who gathered had a very deep sense of passion for design, and the designers who gave the lectures were very passionate as well,” he said at what he regarded the most international forum yet.

“There were a lot of young people in the audience. And I feel like they will take away a lot, which makes me feel good.”

And this is exactly what Kim pledged to himself nearly 30 years ago.

“If I succeed I told myself that I would go back to Korea and plant the roots of design here,” said Kim.

And for as long as the conference runs, Kim hopes to be a part of the future of Korean design, but sadly adding that this conference will last in the memories of all the current and prospective designers here for one reason in particular.

“This is the first conference of its kind, but I feel like this will definitely leave a mark in the memory of everyone here,” he said referring to the grave news of the death of Apple’s chief Steve Jobs announced the morning of the forum.

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