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Intern blackmails boss for not offering permanent position


Published : Aug. 2, 2011 - 13:24

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A Japanese woman was reportedly arrested for threatening her boss by sending hate messages, Yomiuri Shimbun reported Sunday.

The blackmailer Yamazaki Rinako, 21, had allegedly sent the word “to kill” about 10,000 times to her employer’s cellphone.

She had sent 22 messages, which included the word 517 times each.

The woman had been working at a local restaurant from January to May this year as an intern. However, when her boss postponed the decision to make her a regular worker, Rinako formed a grudge against her employer.

The intern admitted her charges, and told the police that she had to vent her wrath somehow.

By Kang Yoon-seung

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인턴의 복수…정규직 전환 보류 사장에게 “죽이겠다”

인턴 수습기간이 끝나고 나서도 정규직 전환을 해주지 않던 사장에게 “죽인다” 라는 단어를 무려 10,000 번 전송한 여성이 체포되었다.

현지 언론 요미우리 신문에 따르면, 올해 초 한 식당에서 인턴으로 일하던 21세 야마자키 리나코씨는 22회에 걸쳐 “죽인다”는 단어가 517회 포함된 협박 문자를 무자비로 사장에게 보냈다.

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