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By John.Power

Published : July 6, 2011 - 21:26

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North Korean dictators are enjoying their luxurious lives through seizing the aid provided to help those on the streets.

Even though the South knows that not all the food will reach those in need, South Korea keeps sending food.

Just because North Korea is a brother nation does not give them the right to starve the poor. The South should realize the truth and find a better way to help civilians rather than sending the rations irrationally.

Also the concept of aid betrays imperialism.

Many who help NK say that they are altruistic and want to help those who are in need. The latent meaning of helping, however, is the South trying to overtake the North in a subtle way.

South Korea wants to change the North Korea into the South by giving it a hand. We can see this happening around the world such as the US deploying its troops for “security” but slowly drying out the cultures of the nations where the military forces are stationed.

The South helping the North is just like this.

Helping North Korea by supplying rice or flour will only mean that South Korea does not accept what is happening which leads to the South changing and suppressing the North.

Rather than purely being helpful, South Korea is being imperialistic.

Another classic irony of noblesse oblige.

That is why aid to North Korea should not be resumed.

-- Yuh Yun-sung, Daegu

South Korea thinks that if we support North Korea with food aid, it will go to those in need. But in reality, the North will resell it to buy weapons or use it to feed its military. Even if the North gives some of the aid to its people, the amount will be small.

We must not resume aid. Resuming aid will only allow the North to buy weapons with which to attack us, just as a little tiger can kill its parents after it grows up.

-- So Kyung-suu, Seoul