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Student brutally murders girlfriend to win bet

By 양승진

Published : June 24, 2011 - 11:25

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A British schoolboy, whose name cannot be revealed for legal reasons, allegedly murdered his girlfriend with a rock for a dare.

Rebecca Aylward, 15, was found dead last October. The girl had been hit on the head with a rock multiple times, Swansea Crown Court in Wales was told. Rebecca and the boy had been in a relationship for three months.

The court found text messages exchanged between the accused and his friends linking him to the crime.

In one meeting with friends, he allegedly said he was going to kill Rebecca. His friends did not believe him, but he later texted messaged saying “what would you do if I actually killed her?” A friend, who did not take it seriously, said “I would buy you a breakfast.”

Before the crime, he had sent “you may just owe me a breakfast.”

The boy told Rebecca to let it be known that she was meeting someone else, and left false messages on Facebook saying “I’m just chilling with my two friends.”

As for the reason for the break up, Gref Talylor QC told local reporters: “The boy said Rebecca tried to trick him into getting her pregnant. She told him she was on the pill and he found out that she wasn’t and that she had lied to him.

“Rebecca’s version was that the boy refused to wear condoms and she asked him repeatedly to wear them but he refused.”

The accused denied the charges against him. The trial is to be continued.

By Kang Yoon-seung
Intern reporter

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아침식사 내기를 위해 前여친 살해

영국의 한 청소년이 친구들과 식사 내기를 하고 전 여자친구를 무참히 살해한 사건이 발생하여 충격을 주고 있다.

사건은 작년 10월에 발생하였으며, 당시 용의자로 체포되었던 학생의 문자 기록을 조사한 결과 위와 같은 사실이 밝혀진 것이다.

용의자는 당시 만 15세였던 피해 여학생의 머리를 바위로 수 차례 내리쳐 살해했던 것으로 밝혀졌다.

약 3개월 간 교제했던 두 사람은 육체적인 관계에 대한 문제로 헤어진 것으로 추정되고 있다. 하지만 그 뒤로도 연락은 계속 했던 것으로 밝혀졌다.

범행을 저지르기 전, 용의자는 자신이 그 여자아이를 죽이면 어떨 것 같은지 친구들에게 물어 보았고, 이를 심각하게 받아들이지 않은 친구 중 한 명은 “아침 식사를 사주겠다”고 대답했다.

사건 발생 전, 문제의 학생은 “아마 나에게 아침 사줘야 할 것”이라며 문자를 보냈다. 범행을 저지르고 용의자는 자신의 페이스북에 “지금 친구 2명이랑 같이 있다”고 글을 올리며 알리바이를 만들려 했던 사실도 밝혀졌다.

현재 이 학생은 자신의 범행을 부정하고 있다. 휴정 중인 재판은 곧 재개될 예정이다.