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By John.Power

Published : June 15, 2011 - 19:02

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On fee-cut plan ...

The plan itself is a really good plan. It’s been four years already with the GNP, however, there hasn’t been any change in college fees. GNP’s college tuition cut plan was one of the biggest commitments of the party. College students voted for the GNP four years ago because they thought the tuition-cut plan was hope for them. There is one more year before Korea gets a new president, and I hope the GNP’s college fee-cut plan becomes a reality before President Lee Myung-bak’s term is over. 

― Kim Dong-chan, Seoul

The plan itself is too far from our school’s reality. Some people say the GNP should prevent college fees from increasing which I do not agree with. Currently, I am working at a professor’s office, but professors don’t see any benefit with increasing tuition fees. Their salaries are fixed. They pay a large amount of money to prepare for their classes. As utility fees are increasing, I think it is hard to avoid increasing tuition. Also, I don’t really believe politicians’ campaign pledges.

― Choi Sae-rom, Seoul

College students have called for this plan since 2006. But, look at this, it’s already 2011. The GNP should be responsible with this plan because they told us they would make it happen. If the government assumes the attitude of an onlooker, universities in Korea will charge much more money next year. I withdrew from school temporarily this semester, because I cannot handle the tuition. College students want to keep their right to an education, and the government should help this to ensure social security.

― Park Mirinae, Seoul

The college fee-cut plan should be introduced as soon as possible. Many college students cannot focus on their school because of expensive tuition. I pay about 3.5 million won per semester and 7 million won per year. In my case, my parents support my college tuition, however, I have many friends who bear the expense by themselves. My friends say it is hard to handle the fees even though they work really hard at a part time job. They cannot concentrate on their school assignments and classes. Expensive tuition and poor attendance at college will continue if the GNP doesn’t go through with this plan.
― Yang Ho-seok, Iksan

Expensive tuition is a huge problem not only for college students, but everyone from teenagers to those in their sixties. Teenagers start to worry when they are deciding about college; those in their twenties worry about their current situation; those in their thirties must pay their loans; those in their forties and fifties have to worry about their children’s tuition; in their sixties they worry about their old age. The GNP should consider a college fee-cut as soon as possible.

― Lee Kyung-hye, Daejeon

I have a really hard time believing that college tuition and fees in Korea are as bad as American universities. I’ve been working here for four years to help pay off my state school university loans off; though it helps, I’m still a long way off from being done.

― Melissa Goldman Shaffer, Wonju